The good news is that a July Clash of Clans update is overdue. Clash of Clans updates are released every 2-3 months, we expect this pattern to continue and believe a sneak peek is imminent, possibly as early as next week.

The rumours are that the update will be war focussed, so that rules out Player Tournaments, similar to those introduced in Clash Royale.

Maybe Supercell will allow upgrading heros in war. Supercell has resisted this for so long, as they would write off a big revenue stream. This update would be huge for the war community, but still unlikely

Clash Today believes that arranged wars are coming to Clash of Clans. These wars would be permitted provided the two clans are closely matched.

Allowing arranged wars in Clash of Clans will enable innovation, such as informal Clan Leagues. A number of Clans could join together and arrange for a tournament or participate in a longer term league. The only obstacle is ensuring that the Clans involved are closely matched.

This update will allow for Clan tournaments, which could be based on location, i.e. region or country. Many clans pronounce they are the best, when you enable arranged wars, those Clans can prove they are the best.

Introducing arranged clan wars would also relegate the importance of Engineered Clans, who currently populate the top the league tables for total Wars Won and Win Steak. However, their wins are often against new and weaker clans. The focus would turn towards genuine war clans and their wars against the best.

What else?

We already reported that there is to be a new Trap to counter Miners and Bowlers. More on this story HERE. However, we suspect this should be filed under very unlikely, but a great idea!

Barb trap

New troops: There have been a few troops introduced recently, so we are doubtful that more will come in this update. If there are new troops, then they are likely to be a card  in Clash Royale.

We have no doubt that some re-balancing will be introduced and lastly we predict that both the Skeleton and Clone Spells are likely to get a significant boost.

dark spell skeletons

Do you know what’s coming in the July update?

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