Which order should I upgrade my Town Hall? This is a question we are asked constantly at Clash Today.

We understand the dilemma, when it takes days to upgrade a building or a week for a spell, you certainly don’t want to be wasteful and get it wrong.

However, Clash Today doesn’t support a rigid upgrade order for any Town Hall, we advocate a common sense approach to these upgrades. Don’t follow a list blindly, think about it and chose which suits your style of play.

This post is written to make you think which upgrades would most benefit your tactics and game play. There is no right or wrong way to upgrade troops/buildings, if the order makes sense to you, then it’s right. Consider these points and make the decision.

Barbarian King and Dark Elixir

One area of significance is your Barbarian King, consider allocating all your Dark Elixir until you get him to at least level 5. Try and get his ability as soon as you can.

The strongest Dark Troops at TH8 are Hogs and Valks, think about upgrading these next. Then move on to the Golem. But most importantly, which do you use most? Which do you think you will use most? It’s probably wise to upgrade these to max first before moving on to other troops.


Never forget your walls. At TH8 they start to become a slog. Clash Today always recommends max bases before upgrading, so start early. As you progress, consistently upgrade your walls, don’t leave them to the end.


Make sure that your Laboratory is always busy, keep an eye on finish dates and plan accordingly.

Keeping the builders busy is really important, at Town Hall 8, it takes longer to upgrade your troops/spells than finishing all building upgrades.

Troop upgrade order

The simple advice is upgrade the troops you use most often first.

Farming v War. If you don’t war often then upgrade your farming troops first. If you enjoy war, then upgrading your Dragon is a must for an early TH8.

If you war regularly and seriously, we suggest that after upgrading your dragon, you still concentrate on upgrading farming troops next. Strong farming troops will allow you to gain more loot from your farming raids and will help you build everything quicker.

Clan Wars:

Dragons are great for early/mid TH8 and GoHo is still probably the most powerful ground troop combination although Valks are now vying for that crown.

Clan war


There are a many good farming strategies for Town Hall 8. The Milking farming strategy is our recommended strategy, but make sure you have the time to raid for an hour at a time, preferably under boosted barracks.

Check out some of our guides to Milking.

Max that base, don’t be tempted to rush! If you did rush and regret that decision, check out this post to help you recover your base.

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