Top twelve tips to help a Rushed Base

A Rushed Base can be problematic in both farming and in war. In farming, the issue is the loot penalty you incur when looting villages with lower Town Halls than yours. It’s also a serious problem defending your loot if you’ve rushed too fast.

A Rushed Base is a bigger problem at TH9 and above. If you are TH8 or below you can recover easily but don’t be tempted to upgrade your Town Hall until your max or very close to it. This post should help all TH levels.

In war, a Rushed Bases’s defence will be weaker for your Town Hall level and it’s likely to be easily 3 starred. Your attack troops are also behind making it difficult to 3 star your TH level.

Remember a Rushed Base isn’t an Engineered Base that is designed specifically for war such as a TH8.5 or TH9.5. A Rushed Base has been built to get a higher Town Hall without much thought of the consequences. You can read more on Engineered Bases HERE.

Tip 1: Seriously consider re-starting and deleting your village. This might be a difficult step to take but might be the best option. The earlier this decision is made the better, swallow that pill and go for it.

If starting again isn’t an option…

Tip 2: Be active. This is the most important tip. A casual approach to recovering your base will be ineffective, you need to be very active and dedicated. You will need to log in constantly, empty those collectors and raid to loot loads. You will see the benefits immediately but there will be a long way to go, so be patient.

Tip 3: You need 5 builders and you need them now. If you’ve bought gems to get to where you are. Spend that extra money now to get those builders. They are going to be busy!

Tip 4: Spend that loot. You’re going to have trouble defending your base. Try not to have too much available to steal. As soon as you have sufficient loot spend it. The cheapest option to spend that loot on Collectors. Make sure at least one of your builders is working on Collectors and max them all out as soon as you can. It’s free loot and you’re going to need it.

Tip 5: Upgrade your farming troops first. You need to raid loads and successfully. Make sure that your farmimg troops are max. You should upgrade farming troops first even if war is your priority. Farming troops will help you loot more and will ultimately help you build those war troops quicker.

If you are looking for farming tips, just type farm into the search bar, this will identify farming strategies to help you. In addition a helpful guide is our Twelve Top Tips to Farming.

Tip 6: After upgrading your farming troops, try and upgrade troops/spells and defences similtaneously, but prioritise offence first if you have to make a choice. Remember you need to spend your loot quickly before it’s stolen. Build your cheapest defences first and make sure your builders are always busy. The Builder tab now helps you identify the cheapest upgrade, follow this advice.

Tip 7: Consider joining a farming clan, they should be able to help you with farming strategies. Join a clan with good donations and make sure your Clan Castle is always full with decent defensive troops when defending. If you prefer a war clan, build a strong war army for one strategy and just use this. An example would be max Dragon and lightning/rage at TH8. This isn’t ideal but your priority shouldn’t be war while you recover your base.

Tip 8: Max your Clan Castle and Army Barracks. This will help massively with both farming and war attacks. Upgrade the Clan Castle first as the extra troop space is useful for defending. Don’t forget before going into a defence to bank your loot, you can learn how to do this HERE.

Tip 9: Dont forget your walls, if you are rushed they are likely to need attention. Keep a builder free and dump loot into walls regularly.

Tip 10: Stay in a low trophy range. Defending will be tough as it is, you have a better chance of holding on to some loot the lower the trophy range. Stay as low as you can easily maintain.

Tip 11: If you have some gems to help, use them to boost barracks and raid for an hour using farming troops. Don’t use spells on these raids, save that loot. Consider using BARCH, GIBARCH or Goblin Milking. A few ideas for farming can be found HERE.

Tip 12: Bookmark this page and keep reading it to refresh your memory.

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