This is the second in the Twelve Top Tips series and follows our Twelve top Tips for Clash of Clans Farming post.

These tips are meant to help you build a stronger base. It’s aimed at TH8 but these tips are suitable for all bases. If your base doesn’t follow these rules consider tweaking or a new base.

Tip 1: Upgrade your Clan Castle immediately and get an additional 5 housing space. This will allow for a far better option in defence and naturally help during attacks. Upgrade the Clan Castle before the Army Camps.

Tip 2: Make sure you have max Air Defences. Defending against Dragons/Loons is a TH8 priority, especially as a new TH8. Make sure that your Air Defences are deep within your base. Don’t allow an easy attack by only a few troops to destroy one.

Tip 3: Protect your Air Defences with air bombs and high hit points units. These buildings will provide time for your Air Defences to destroy the air attack. High hit point building are storages, the Clan Castle and Town Hall.

Air Defence


Tip 4: Make sure there are defences between the edge of your base and the Air Defences. You need to make sure that any loons attacking your base target other defences first and don’t immediately lock on to your Air Defences.

Tip 5: Along with a mass Dragon attacks, the most likely TH8 attack will be mass Hogs or GoHo. In order to defend against Hogs, your Giant Bombs and traps need to be correctly placed. Place your Spring Traps carefully, these aren’t base fillers. Use them to protect your Double Giant Bombs or ensure they are placed directly between defences so the Hogs are ejected when moving between two defences.

Tip 6: Double Giant Bombs and empty 2×4 spaces. To effectively defend against Hogs at TH8, you need Double Giant Bombs, these are two Giant Bombs paced side by side. These Double Giant Bombs need to be located between defences so that Hogs take a path directly to these Double Giant Bombs.

In order to confuse the attacker, you also want as many spots in the base that are possible Double Giant Bomb spots. When the Hog moves from one defence to the other, the Double Giant Bombs are activated and both located together obliterate Hogs even if under heal.

Giant bomb

Tip 7: Ensure these Double Giant Bomb locations aren’t on the edge of the base and easily triggered. Make sure the attacker has to work hard to blow your Double Giant Bombs not just using a Hog or two.

Tip 8: Think carefully about your Skeleton Trap placement. At TH8 they do little damage to Dragons. so, set them to ground to counter Hogs. Place them deep in your base so that they aren’t triggered by a lure. You want them to be activated near the end of the raid so they can target and chase down remaining Hogs.

Tip 9: When upgrading your troops, upgrade your farming troops first, yes this is advice for attack and not defence, but being able to easily farm loot will help you to quickly develop your defence.

Tip 10: Upgrade your splash damage first (Mortars and Wizard Towers). Include all your traps, bombs and Tesla as an early upgrade.

Tip 11: Make sure you have 4 builders before you go to TH8. They are essential in building your base quickly.

Tip 12: Dont ignore walls, start upgrading immediately.

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