This post is aimed at the new TH8 who are just starting to use Golem. It’s also a useful refresher for all TH8. At the end there are YouTube videos from the best showing a variety of TH8 attack strategies using Golem.

The Golem has the highest hit points of any ground troop in Clash of Clans. Even so, it needs to be used wisely or it will not adequately protect your troops. Make sure you avoid Golem suicide, do not abandon your Golem without support and a clear purpose.


When using Golem it’s important not to bunch them, if your Golem are on top of each other, they will do a poor job of providing cover for your destructive troops and they will take unnecessary splash damage. Spread the Golem out!

When the Golem are spread out, you can use them to ‘tank’, to absorb the hits, while your Wizards and other destructive units move in from behind and take out buildings and defences. If the Golem are bunched the Wizards will have little protection and will be picked off.

It’s important not to wait too long before deploying the wizards behind the Golem. They can take heavy damage but they are not invincible.

The Golem’s primary function is to tank and help create a funnel. Get the funnel wrong and your troops will wander off and it’s unlikely you will 3 star in war. Golem prioritise defensive buildings, use this as part of your strategy.

Golem can be used in many TH8 attack strategies such as GoHo, GoVaLo, GoWiPe, GoVaPe and GoVaWi.

Below are a selection of the finest YouTube videos, showing how to best use Golem at TH8.

Jake from One Hive demonstrating GoVaLo

Clash strategy with Dan, using GoWiPe and includes an attack of a bunched Golem fail

Clashing with Andre, using GoHo

Clash with Ash, looking at GoWiPe and GoVaPe

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