Just like our recent post “Gems: Advice for beginners“, this is another post, which will mainly benefit those new to Clash of Clans. Those that have been here a while will hopefully have already have joined a great clan. If you are thinking of moving clans then read on.

Should I start my own clan?

Many think this is the obvious and natural solution, it isn’t!

If you are new to Clash of Clans, don’t do it. Like anything in life you need to earn respect and develop the skills needed for leadership.

Our advice is don’t even consider running your own clan until you have observed and learned from other leaders. If you’re not learning from your leader and co-leaders, then join another clan where you will.

If you are looking for advice on how to successfully run a clan, try this POST.

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What level Clan should I join?

Remember this is aimed at the lower Town Hall, those that are relatively new to Clash of Clans.

The advice to begin with is aim for a low level clan, but make sure there are some decent players in the clan. You can then learn from them and receive decent Clan Castle troops. Avoid joining a clan full of new players.

If you are new to Clash of Clans, it’s unreasonable that you would join a serious war clan immediately. You need to learn the basics first and become an asset in war.

Don’t worry about the clan XP, find a clan that is enjoyable to be in and helps you improve quickly. If you find a clan like this, their XP will grow quickly and you can grow with it.

What should I look for in a clan?

Firstly, join a clan that helps you develop as a player. Make sure you find one that offers what you want from a clan. Only you know what you want to get out of a clan. If it doesn’t meet your expectations then find another quickly.

What should I get out of a clan?

The primary benefit of a clan is to make you a better player.

If you join a clan and you are not learning or you’re not impressed with war attacks from the senior members of the clan, then its time to move on.

Find a clan, where it’s immediately obvious that you are going to learn and enjoy.

Clan Dynamics

A helpful clan will take the time to coach you. When you join a clan, it’s in the clans interest that you develop quickly and be an asset in war.

If a clan isn’t helpful with the lower Town Halls, move on. But don’t forget, you should also help others at your TH level and below.

How will a good clan help me?

You will watch their replays and learn, join a clan where you feel comfortable asking questions and your fellow clanmates are happy to help.

The clan should be active so that Friendly Challenges are available throughout the day. Here you can test your attacks and look for feedback from more experienced players.

You should expect a clan that donates well, ensure your clan has a good donation policy. Look at the clan donations before joining, if they are low avoid. A clan that donates well is an indication that it’s active and helpful.

Share your knowledge where you can. It’s everyone’s responsibility to be active and contribute. The clan is the most important feature in Clash of Clans. It’s what makes Clash of Clans so much fun to play.

If the clan doesn’t meet what you want from a clan, move until you find a Clan of similar minded clashers.

Local or International ?

The choice is yours, both have its advantages.

A local clan will have most of its members in the same time zone. This helps as most will be in-game to chat, donate and issue Friendly Challenges. Wars will also start and convenient times.

An international clan is likely to have many members on different time zones. This can help if you are in-game at irregular hours. An international clan offers more diversity, meeting and chatting to players around the world.

Free Co-Leader

Avoid any clan offering free elder or co-leader. Join clans where you need to earn this. They will be better run clans and you are likely to stay there longer and learn more.

Clan Loyalty

There re many times during this post that the recommendation is to change Clan. However, once you have found a home you like. Stay and help build that clan. Be loyal, donate and chat and Elder and Co-Leader will surely come.

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