On the 21st June 2016, Clash Today reported on our Facebook page that Xmodgames had been removed from Facebook. Today, it still remains absent. At the time we couldn’t be certain if this was because of Supercell action, and Xmodgames kept quiet and remain silent on the issue.

Now, there can be no doubt. The Facebook page remains down, almost certainly meaning that Facebook closed the page due to pressure from Supercell. This was likely legal pressure.

Today, Xmodgames reported that their server was down and a number of complaints appearing from their users. It is uncertain whether this is as a result of Supercell pursuing Xmodgames or a technical difficulty. Hopefully, Supercell are pressuring Xmodgames on all fronts.

If Supercell has successfully shut the servers, Xmodgames will no doubt have redundancies in place and plans to transfer the server to another jurisdiction. Let’s hope that Supercell maintains the pursuit and keeps Xmodgames on the run.

octopus 2
Is this an image of the Psychic Octopus?

There are other actions Supercell could take. They are already banning players caught by the Psychic Octopus. Shutting down Burner Accounts should be their next task. Check the link if you want to know more about Burner Accounts.

It would be good to know if all this is a result of Supercell action, the zero tolerance approach to modding should be applauded. Supercell as part of this process should publicise any action, all players should know that modding in Clash if Clans is unacceptable.

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