Are you new to Clash of Clans? If you are, don’t make the mistake that many have made before you. Don’t spend those gems on troop upgrades or boosting anything. The only exception being the special 1 gem boosts occasionally introduced by Supercell.

Many joining Clash of Clans for the first time will naturally make a few mistakes, hopefully this advice will help some of those. Our advice for your gems is spend them wisely, don’t waste them on anything else other than builders.

If you are a very new clasher and struggling without gems and builders, we suggest you start again!

One important tip, during the tutorial, ignore the advice of spending gems. You are given 500 gems, by the end of the tutorial you spend almost 50 gems, don’t waste those gems.

Use your gems for new builders only, never spend gems on anything else until you have your 5th builder. Make it a rule, when you have sufficient gems, buy the next builder immediately.

Here are the costs for each builder:

Builder 2: 250 gems (you add this during the tutorial)
Builder 3: 500 gems (you can get this very quickly)
Builder 4: 1000 gems
Builder 5: 2000 gems

Builders hut

Builder 4 and 5 will take a while to earn. However, builder 3 can be bought quickly if you save those gems.

Builders are the most important single factor in Clash of Clans, especially in early game play. They are essential in progressing quickly, save those gems!

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