The Supercell Forum recently held its inaugural Forum Tournament. This was aimed at TH9 and held over two days between 24 and 25 June.

The winner was 4daysafter, for ever holding the title of the inaugural winner. The 6,500 gems I’m sure was welcomed but the win priceless.

4daysafter is from Poland, living in the UK for the last 10 years. He started playing Clash of Clans in March 2015, playing 2-3 hours a day. If anyone knows him, 4daysafter has asked that no-one mentions that to his wife.

4daysafter is a forum name only, in Clash of Clans he is known as smartxassassin and a member of armagedonPL, a level 10 Polish clan boasting an impressive 244 win record.


4daysafter is looking to max his TH9 base having never rushed. He is well on the way with only 20 walls to go, AQ level 27 and a BK heading to 23. His favourite army combo is:

– cc (6 giants)
– 7 healers
– 12 valkyries
– 1 hog
– wizards/archers/minions
– 1 jump, 1-2 rage spells, 1-2 healer spells

He describes it as slow but effective.


How did he win?  4daysafter explains that “TH9 attacking isn’t hard, my plan was to predict what army my opponent was going to use and choose best base and cc troops against him. It worked, no one 3 Stared me. That is how I won, it wasn’t easy because most of the time I was attacking first, and wasn’t sure if I have done enough to win.”

Favourite YouTuber: Clash with Ash but says he doesn’t watch that many.

Best bit of Clash of Clans: Forum Tournaments, good players, fair battles, great time.

Worst bit of Clash of Clans: Cheats and those using defenceless bases.

Congratulations 4daysafter a great win, you are no doubt the favourite for the next TH9 tournament, although other competitors will now be after your scalp.

Clash Today wonders how he will spend those 6,500 gems, our advice, gem those Heros!

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