Supercell Forum Friendly Challenge Cup


Supercell Forum Cup Tournament:

This Clash of Clans Tournament is run by the Supercell Forum moderators and encouraged and sponsored by Supercell.

Congratulations to 4daysafter the winner of the TH9 Tournament on 23/24 June.


Every second Friday, there is to be a Friendly Challenge Tournament, open only to members of the Supercell forum.

The Tournament will run on a 6 week cycle, starting with Town Hall 9’s the first time round, then Town Hall 10’s in the second fortnight, and finishing with Town Hall 11’s for the third and final fortnight.

Then the cycle will restart.

The Basic Details

Tournaments will consist of 32 members, however we may look at jumping up to 64 or even 128 if people express enough interest.

Sign-up’s will go live every Monday, the week of the tournament. Matchups will be randomized, using the bracket making website “”.

Everyone will be notified of their matchup on the Thursday, the day before the tournament.

Friday marks the start of the tournament, and knock outs players until 8 are left marking the quarter finals, which will take place on Saturday. Battle times are to take place on Helsinki time.

If the times dont suit you, dont panic! In the next cycle, the times will have changed, which will allow for others to join in.

The battle times & dates for the first cycle are as follows:

Dates: 08/07 (TH10) and 22/07 (TH11)


9:00am – 11:00am for round one. Round 2 matchups will be posted at 11:15am.
2:00pm – 4:00pm for round two. Quarter-finals matchups will be posted at 4:30pm.

Dates: 09/07 (TH10)- 23/07 (TH11)


8:00am – 10:00am for quarter-finals. Semi-finals matchups will be posted at 10:15am.12:00pm – 1:00pm for semi-finals. Final matchup will be posted at 1:30pm.3:00pm for the Final. Winner will be revealed as soon as possible.

It is important to note, that if these times do not suit you, you should not sign up. If you are not on in time for your attacks, you will be disqualified and your opponent will gain the win.

Battles will take place in a clan named Forum Tourney. This means both players are away, and dont gain a home advantage. This also stops any potential bullying.

Main Rules:

Each player selects one of their 6 base layouts for the match. This layout is to be used for all attacks in the round.

The opponent gets 3 shots at your base, however only their best attack is to be used as their score. Scoring is based off most stars gained. If both players achieve the same amount of stars, then it moves on to % scored. (example: Your best attack is a 2 star 97% and your opponent scored 2 star 91%. You would win because of your % being higher)

In the event of both players either achieving a 3 star attack, or the same % in an attack. The winner goes to whoever finished the raid the fastest, this puts pressure on players to make quick and decisive actions.

You can use whatever troops you want in your Clan Castle, it is advised to get troops from your clan, as your opponents may not be willing to donate troops to you. However I will be around to provide people with things if they need.



1st place: 6500 gems, and a custom title for the forum. This forum title will be passed from winner to winner every 6 weeks in the cycle.

2nd place: A custom title for the forum. This forum title will be passed from runner-up to runner-up every 6 weeks in the cycle.


Make sure you are a member of the Supercell Forum and sign up there. Link for TH10 Tournament to follow here.

Clash Today will be looking to cover as much of these tournaments as possible through Clash Today and our sister site Clash Tournaments Live.

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