Our recent post Twelve Top Tips for Farming was a big hit, we were asked to provide other tips for our readers.

Here you go. None of these tips are new or startling, they are simply meant to refresh your memory of tips long forgotten.

Tip 1: Use the Elixir and Dark Elixir Bank

When inactive and being raided, Protect some of your loot.

Fill your camps with your favourite attack combination.  When the barracks are full, make sure to add additional troops and spells in the barrack/spell queue. Do this for both Elixir and Dark Elixir troops and spells.

When you are raided this loot is kept safe. Just cancel the troops in the queue before you attack and you receive a full refund.

A mix of Pekka and wall breakers are best for elixir troops and witches for dark elixir. These use the most Elexir/DE for the space.

You can protect a lot of loot this way, if you repeat the process every time. The amount of loot you save adds up quickly and allows you to develop your base faster. You just need a little organisation.

Tip 2: XP

To level up your Experience Points, for all levels up to level 200, you need an extra 50 XP for each level.

For example, to reach level 75, you need to earn 3,750 XP (75*50).

Different calculations are used above 200 and again above 300.

Tip 3: Wall Breakers

Don’t use double walls, wall breakers have a three tile blast range.

Tip 4: Blast those Hogs

Use Double Giant Bombs, (two Giant Bombs) side by side, they destroy Hogs even when under Heal.

Put these Double Giant Bombs directly between two defences. When the Hogs move from one defence to the next, the Double Giant Bombs will be in their path and blast the Hogs sky high.

Tip 5: Ending raid without losing trophies

During a raid, you can end the battle without losing trophies as long as you haven’t deployed any troops and the button says “End Battle” and not “Surrender”.

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