Supercell introduced Bowlers in mid March 2016, indifference would be the word to describe its initial reception from the Clash of Clans community.

A couple of tweaks later and the Bowlers are now beasts, especially after the 24 May 2016 update, when Bowlers were reduced to a housing space of 6.

If you’d like to see Bowlers in action, you can watch them HERE. If you haven’t seen them, watch the videos, they are impressive and can wallop most bases.

mass bowlers

At present defending a Bowler Walk or a Valks/Queen Walk  is challenging. Mainly due to the Healers being unaffected by Air Bombs, something that Supercell should re-balance.

This guide is to help and also to stimulate debate, at present there isn’t a perfect Anti Bowler Base. If you’ve tried something that works, please help the community and add a comment.

Clan Castle troops

The suggested troops for taking on Bowlers are:

  • 1 Baby Dragon, 3 Valkyries, and 1 Archer.
  • All air defence, to tempt the attacker to hit the Grand Warden ability early and before the Bowlers hit a set of Double Giant Bombs. Test your favourite combo.
  • 2 Baby Dragons with 3 Balloons works well.

Base layout

Ring bases are coming back into fashion, these bases are designed to deflect Bowlers away from the core. Try a core with the Eagle Artillery and some decent DPS, but not Inferno Towers.

The aim is to funnel Bowlers so that they chase trash buildings, there should always be building closer outside the core than those inside the core.

When building walls around the core, try to have two empty tiles between a wall and defensive building, which means a bowler will ignore the core and hit the closer trash buildings and keep walking around the base.

Some very basic tips:

Use traps and Giant Bombs to protect the core from Bowlers. Make sure you upgrade traps, level 3 and 4 traps can eject 3 Bowlers.

Consider Double Giant Bomb placements.

Ensure Inferno Towers are set to Multi.

Ensure that your Clan Castle, Heroes or Skeleton Traps don’t lure the Bowlers into the core. Bowlers will follow these units, be careful! This is particularly important if you are designing a base to keep them out.

Here are a few examples of bases built as Anti Bowler 

This base is designed so that the Bowlers walk around the base.


Another base that wants you to walk around the base. If you enter the core early, heavy DPS awaits.


This base is gambling that you are unable to enter the core. All heavy defences are located within this core.


More will be added to this guide in the coming weeks.

Feedback is welcomed!

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