The following is an excellent guide to milking produced by nerf713 and posted on the Supercell forums. It has been reproduced here for your convenience.

Over to nerf713…

So, I recently discovered a method that works wonders for any TH level. This method is dubbed “Milking” by the forums, and the directions for getting loot with that method have not being explained very well. I am taking the time to give you guys detailed instructions, tips and what to do/what not to do to get that loot. I’m going to divide the guide in parts for better organization.

Part 1: FAQ

What is Milking?

Milking is the action of farming mines and collectors that are half full with Goblins or any other troop. Milking can be done in any league, but I discovered since day 1 of the December Update a sweet spot for milking.

Which league is the best for Milking?

For me, anywhere from 700-1000 trophies works well. I strongly advise you not to go down anymore at 700, as there you will only find TH7s and TH8s that are empty. Also, the clouds get bigger and bigger the more you drop.

Anywhere in Silver III is the best place for TH11s, 10s and 9s. If your clan leader doesn’t let you go that down, tell him to come take a look at this thread.

Which Army comp should I use?

Fill all your Barracks with Goblins. They are the best for taking out collectors (and snipes) laying outside, and if you have them max level they can deal some serious damage by themselves.

For the dark Barracks, I personally like to train Valkyries mainly for donations, as a lot of clanmates like Valks. Also, they can be used to get some more mines if you run out of Gobs.

If you are trying to save DE, you can train a few minions to donate. For spells, I usually brew only Haste and Poison, mainly for donations, but Haste can help with a few inside pesky collectors.

I don’t recommend brewing Elixir spells, as they will hinder your Elixir progress. Also, having the queen available increases your income, as she can be used instead of goblins at the end of the raid.

Part 2: Attacking

Who to attack?

Mainly with this strategy, you are going to want to attack those people with half full mines. You can identify the mines/collectors because they will be similar to this:

Any of these bases here can be appropriate to Milk.

(Keep in mind that I am a TH11. You TH10s and 9s should see them with much more loot. There are also tons of TH10 bases, but I only had those in hand)

Usually these bases have their THs out, and I advise you to take them at all times, except if you are up in trophies and don’t want more, just make sure they have very few loot in their TH. These bases are about 1/5 of all nexts on this range, and are easy to get.

Attacking an appropriate base

After you find an appropriate base to attack, make sure they have half full mines. Deploy 5-10 Goblins depending on nearby defenses and lvl of Gobs per each mine. They will easily take it out, and some of them may even move to another mine.

After destroying most of the mines, check if he has loot left on storages. If he does, check if any of them is snipeable by the queen. If one is, deploy her followed by her ability very fast, to avoid her being shot.

If the base has a TH out and a decent quantity of loot, snipe it with Goblins. Move on and repeat.

Attacking other bases

You will also encounter other bases which are active at the moment. To help the game, you should do the following:

If you encounter a juicy, strong base, check if there’s any storage that’s easily snipeable by the queen. If there is, snipe it and surrender, If there is not, make sure to drop a troop and surrender, WITHOUT destroying any building. This will cause the player to go up in trophies and leave him for another, stronger army to wreck him.

If you encounter a base that is active, but has few loot, make sure to snipe any building and surrender. This will cause the defender to get a Village Guard, effectively hiding him from MM for 30mins.

If you encounter a defenseless base (they are uncommon, but not rare here), make sure to give him a VG. If he has loot, then wreck him, but only if he has loot.

Make sure to stay at all times within the trophy radius, if not, you will get either lots of clouds or less appropriate bases.

Part 3: To do’s and not to do’s

To do’s

  • Snipe any TH that has loot.
  • Refill your barrack from now and there.
  • Boost if necessary.
  • Take 5min breaks when you run out of gobs.
  • Snipe any storage with loot that the queen can easily get.
  • Deploy Warden in a group of Gobs, followed by ability to keep more Gobs from dying
  • Conserve your Gobs

Not to do’s

  • Let the queen take damage
  • Use the king to snipe, only if necessary
  • Use excessive amounts of Gobs
  • Donate Gobs
  • Brew Elixir Spells (only if preparing for a war attack)
  • Use a ton of Gobs to get to one more collector, unless necessary.

Part 4: Pros and Cons


  • You can get focused on only 1 type of resource, to use less Gobs.
  • Uses the cheapest army there could ever be, mass Gobs.
  • Farms DE more faster than last strategy
  • Level up faster (snipes)
  • Win more defenses (Unbreakeable achievement)
  • Counts towards GG, EE, HH
  • Requires few skill and only 1 troop


  • May be boring to some users (but not as boring as last strategy)
  • Without queen you get less income
  • Worsens the economy for other people
  • Keeps you at a lower league
  • Vulnerable to full attacks, if you have a weak base.

Part 5: Results

Check out this 10 minute video made by Seananigansxd, a TH11.

He did a boosted one hour run and he got some very great results, about 1.5M each as a TH11. This will give you an idea on what to expect doing this.

Wait! I also have results of my own! I did a boosted hour long run focusing solely on elixir. Here are the screenshots, with PBT tab opened to prove that 1 hour had passed:

As you can see I made about 700k Gold, 2.2M elixir and 6k DE, pretty impressive for a TH11.

You can also check out this video, made also by Sean, that explains the basics of the strategy for you to follow.

Guys, I hope you enjoyed this long guide, and I hope this helps you to get more loot than with a normal farming army.

Any type of feedback is appreciated, as well as suggestions and questions to the FAQ.

Clash on!

The original can be found HERE.

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