This post provides general tips to help you farm.

It doesn’t provide attacking strategies, just suggestions to ensure that you make the most of the available loot and not lose what you’ve earned.

If you are looking for a farming strategy try HERE for Gibarch or HERE for Barch.

Farming armies need to be cheap and quick to build. These armies aren’t the strongest, so you should always keep your focus, know the type of base you intend hitting and don’t stray!

Tip One: Know your troop cost

The whole purpose of farming is to raid for loot as quickly as you can.

You need to know how much your army costs, you can then judge how much you need to loot from each raid. Don’t forget to add spells to the cost.

Troop price

Tip Two: Know your training time

A farming army should be quick to build.

Make sure your barracks are efficient, keep them all busy with no empty queue. This takes trial and error, but try to make sure they all finish simultaneously.

Training time

Tip Three: Focus on a target, don’t stray

Your farming army will be built for a specific purpose, i.e. you are using Barch armies to farm collectors outside bases.

Don’t be tempted to hit a base overflowing with storage loot when your army isn’t suited to attack. You’ll be tempted and it’s a difficult decision but hit next, don’t be greedy. If your army isn’t built for attacking a core of the base, hit collectors only.

If your army is built for attacking TH8 storages, just ignore and skip the TH9 bases with decent defences. Don’t be tempted.

Tip Four: Focus on a resource type

In addition to focusing on a target, you should also focus on the resource you need most. If dark elixir is needed, build an army to break into bases. Keep focused and only raid for that resource, don’t be tempted to stray.

Tip Five: Chose the league to farm and stay there

This is important, make sure you test the best league to farm in. The difference in a few hundred cups can be huge.

When you find that league full of the loot, stay there!

Tip Six: Consider win bonus

This tip is more appropriate for TH9 and above.

In Champion Leagues and above the raided loot and the win bonus combined makes farming there a viable strategy.

The armies required will be stronger and will take longer to build. The reward is one million in combined loot from each raid and easily achievable.

League bonus

Tip Seven: Maximise Shield / Guard

Attack during your shield, that’s what it’s there for.

Try and attack between 3-4 times during your shield to maximise its protection. When you have a “Village Guard”, attack as often as you are able.

shield 3

Tip Eight: Be patient

Remember, take your time in selecting a base to hit, be patient and hit next until you find the perfect base for your army.

Tip Nine: Use your loot, don’t lose it

Try and avoid having full storages of all three resources. This is an invite for a raid from the strong and mighty.If you have one or two resources low, these whales may move on and hit elsewhere. Hopefully, your base being less tempting will attract a less formidable attacker and allow you to retain more resources.

Tip Ten: Keep moving your storages

Make sure you protect your storages, try swapping them around when they become full, keep the those bursting with loot safest, usually near the core.

Tip Eleven: Star Bonus and Loot Cart

Each day make sure you get a Star Bonus, a farming army often ignores trophies. Ensure you get sufficient cups to earn the Star Bonus each and every day.

Collect the Loot Cart immediately, only 20% of the loot from a previous raid is carried over.

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