In April, Supercell announced Psychic Octopus’s tentacles were tightening around the necks of Clash of Clans modders and hackers. Supercell promised that those cheating would be caught and banned.

Being caught for the first time would result in a fortnight ban, a permanent ban dished out for a repeat offence. Supercell were talking hard ball.

In early June, Supercell announced a second wave of bans, Xmodgames were on the ropes.

However, even after this announcement there was still an air of resignation that the Xmodgames would prevail. It was the modding community that adapted quickest.

The modding community adapted by introducing Burner Accounts. Psychic Octopus works by identifying accounts using prohibited software whilst using Clash of Clans. This software enables the mods or hacks.

To avoid detection for their main Clash of Clans account, the modders were now creating a Burner Account, this is a brand new Clash of Clans village. These accounts are usually maintained at TH3. These are the accounts that are then used to mod. When modding even a TH3 can practice using TH11 troops.

If the Psychic Octopus detects these Burner Accounts modding they are banned. This punishment is of little consequence because very little time and effort is devoted to developing the base. A new Burner Account is simply created to take its place.

A Burner Account is obvious to spot in a serious war clan. Can anyone justify the need for a TH3 with only a level 1 barbarian in a serious war clan? They are simply there to mod. Burner Accounts don’t even need to be in war, just be a member of the clan during war.

Supercell have declared that they will only ban players if they are certain that the account is modding or hacking. This stance is reasonable, they do need to be sure. However their attitude to clans enabling Burner Accounts should be robust.

It is easy for Supercell to detect Burner Accounts and ban, but what action should they take against the clan, which is benefiting from the Burner Account in war. At present they don’t penalise the clan in any way, this is mystifying.

Supercell should act now and maintain the pressure on the modding community. It took Supercell years to introduce the Psychic Octopus and their reputation for enabling fair play is at risk.

Supercell trumpeted Psychic Octopus and must have expected the modding community to react. Supercell needs to show agility in their response.

Clash Today recommends that when a Burner Account is identified then the clan leader should be warned, a first strike. If there is a second offence, the clan should be banned from war for 2 weeks. The clan is banned not the members. A detected third offence would mean a permanent clan ban. The clan would cease to exist, its war record removed.

It should be remembered that there is a distinction between a Burner Account and a regular account caught cheating. Many clans will have members modding without the clans knowledge, in these circumstances the clan shouldn’t be punished for their members behaviour.

So, what does a Burner Account look like?

Take a look at Agrawals, which is one of the top Indian clans, it has an extremely impressive 353 war wins.


And then take a look at this Co-leader:


This is a very serious war clan, look at their record, provided by Clash of Stats:

Agrawals Clan RankingsAgrawals Clan Bests

Are Agrawals cheating? We don’t know.

What we do know is that having a TH3 in a serious war clan is indication that they are modding. It will be interesting to see if this account disappears and another takes its place. This would be sufficient proof for Clash Today of the use of Burner Accounts.

Agrawals are not alone, they have been highlighted as they are a very high profile and successful clan. Many other war clans are repeating this behaviour without fear of reprisal from Supercell.

We are aware that Supercell is taking note of Burner Accounts. We have been assured that Supercell have Burner Accounts high on their priority list. In Clash Today’s view, this should be number one on that to do list.

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