Clash Today was asked who we thought was the best Indian clan. This sounds a simple question, but the answer was tricky. We still eagerly took up the challenge and looked to stats to inform our choice.

We scrutinised Indian clans on Clash of Stats, an excellent web tool providing all the data we would need. We soon identified an answer for who is the best clan by various separate measures, i.e. most trophies, most war wins and highest win streak. However, identifying the overall best was trickier as the highest trophy pushing clans are not usually identical to the top war clans.

A clan topping one table doesn’t necessarily make it worthy of the best clan in India award. The clan needs to be able to demonstrate depth across all attributes and importantly, play fair.

To judge the best clan, Clash Today considered the following:

  • Trophies: Clash Today looked for a clan that had a relatively high trophy count. This ensured that the clan wasn’t full of TH3-5 bases used to engineer a clan and manufacture easy wins. Click HERE for more on Engineered Clans.
India top trophies
  • War wins: This needs to be relatively high, but a clan was ignored if they contained Engineered Bases or possible Burner Accounts. Burner Accounts are used to mod in wars and are usually a very low TH and then discarded at the end of each war. There is no obvious place for these accounts in a serious war clan other than to cheat or to manufacture an easy match up. For more on war matchmaking click HERE.
india top war wins
  • War win streak: We looked for a clan with either a current or recent high win streak.
india top war streak

Our verdict for the best Indian clan, considering all the above is Gujarat Force.

Gujarat Force India

Gujarat Force has the third highest war wins in India with 312 and in May their 24 win streak came to an end.

Their trophy count is in excess of 29,000 and they are currently ranked 68 by trophies in India.

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Data from

Gujarat is not full of engineered bases to help matchmaking, unlike many of their competitors. Congratulations Gujarat Force, you deserve the number 1 ranking!

The highest level player in the clan is vJ❤️poojA at an impressive level 233.

Do you agree with Clash Today? Is there a more worthy recipient in India?

Check out the global best clan for May 2016 HERE. The best global clan for June 2016 coming soon.

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