Newzoo reports that eSports accounted for 803 million hours of viewing on Twitch in the last 10 months, nearing a billion hours annually. Riot Games and ESL between them are responsible for just over half of the hours watched.


eSports is still largely dominated by the Asian market, although interest from North America and Europe is surging.

A Superdata Research report shows that PC MMO revenue generated by the Asian market is currently more than double than that generated by Europe and North America combined.

Superdata Research

This highlights that the growth potential for eSports is enormous with a relatively untapped and commercially lucrative market about to explode.

This coincides with the continued mobile app explosion in India and other emerging markets whose populations are engaging with mobile games for the first time. These emerging markets offer a huge young population base, which can only accelerate eSports further.

An App Annie report highlights India has having by far the fastest app store revenue growth, ahead of second-place Brazil.


App Annie also predicts that Mobile App revenue is likely to double in the next four years, much of this expansion in the Emerging Markets.

Mob app forecastSo, what does this all mean for eSports growth?

  • eSports is already big business with the Asian market leading
  • North America and Europe eSports market is set to soar, bringing with it huge marketing opportunities
  • Emerging economies with huge populations are catching up quickly, further accelerating eSports growth

eSports is on the verge of Prime Time with steaming services such as Twitch, YouTube and Facebook set to benefit from this increasing interest.

We already have some of Europe’s biggest football teams seeking out their own eSports franchise, large multinationals looking for commercial exposure into a sector traditionally hard to reach and giants such as Facebook entering into partnerships with Blizzard Entertainment.

Get ready, eSports teams are set to compete on the big stage in the coming decade.

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