Supercell have started a new round of bans for modding on Clash of Clans. As before, first time offenders are receiving two-week bans and a second offence means a permanent ban.

This latest Supercell attack on xmod and similar apps comes only two weeks after Xmodgames updated their software. More information on this story here.

Share the following with your Cash of Clans friends, this may save their accounts!

Supercell issued the following guidance to avoid being banned:

“Only accounts that have used game changing mods or bots after the Fair Play announcement have been banned.  Please note: installing and running mods for other games still may alter Clash of Clans. Our tools cannot detect what mods do for different apps, but can see how they affect Supercell titles on our side.

Mods are unsafe to use, that’s why downloading them typically requires sacrifices such as “jailbreaking” or “rooting”. Mods are not subject to quality control or developer oversight, so they may contain malware or debilitating security flaws. This also helps grant some mod developers full access to personal data and device specs, forcing players to forfeit personal security for gameplay changes.

If privacy is a concern, please remember that our line of sight is limited strictly to Supercell games and nothing else.

We do not know how specific mods operate, and what traces are left after ostensibly removing mod software from your devices.

Supercell takes privacy extremely seriously, and has always championed player security. All initiatives, software and texts undergo highly disciplined legal, technical.”

Supercell issued the following advice to those banned:

“If you have been banned, it’s because the Octopus at SC HQ has detected something on your device which is not in line with the Supercell Terms of Service.

As with the previous ban waves, false positives are always a possibility. However there isn’t a single recorded case of one yet. But, if you feel you have been incorrectly banned, you need to contact support.

The forums cannot help you, in fact you will probably receive the opposite of help. Support will investigate every ticket where someone claims to be incorrectly banned.

To contact support, click this link and follow the steps:…In-Out-of-game

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