The Clash of Clans May 2016 update was undoubtedly the biggest since the Clan Wars update in April 2014. Supercell must be applauded for their continued drive to offer new features and variety within Clash of Clans. But they can’t sit back and admire their creation, innovation is critical for its continued success. Supercell knows this.

So, what’s next? What will Supercell introduce to take Clash of Clans to the next level and fend off other games vying for its crown?

Clash Today has been advocating Clan Tournaments, and will continue to do so. We think this will and another dimension to the game and we believe Clan Tournaments will be introduced sooner rather than later, hopefully sooner.

However, we predict that Supercell will first introduce Player Tournaments into Clash of Clans.

Clash Royale Tournaments – The Supercell model

Clash of Clans and Clash Royale are brothers. The family likeness is obvious for all to see, even if you are unfamiliar with Clash Royale.

Clash Royale was conceived from Clash of Clans, with Clash of Clans now benefiting from troops first introduced into Clash Royale (Baby Dragon and Miner). The Supercell teams developing both games are naturally working very closely and this synergy can only benefit both games.

Clash Royale is fortunate to be the younger sibling, it benefited from the growth pains of the Clash of Clans team. The Clash Royale team having the benefit of hindsight.

clash royale tournament 2

It was interesting to see that Clash Royale was born with tournaments at its heart, this is an area that Clash of Clans could certainly benefit. However, tournaments in Clash Royale are still in its infancy and already requires enhancements. Supercell acknowledge this and say they are currently developing improved tournament functionality for Clash Royale.

These enhancements should hopefully make redundant tournament participants having to repeatedly leave and join clans during a tournament. The fix should enable all tournament participants to stay in their clan and to join a” virtual clan” or “Tournament Clan” for the length of the tournament. These “Tournament Clans” would also be larger than current clan limit of 50, to negate the requirement of hosting larger tournaments across multiple “Tournament Clans”.

This Supercell update will provide tournament organisers with the ability to easily run tournaments, to receive participants, arrange seedings, display the draw, automatically update  results and possibly even award gems as prizes.

At present most of this organisational work is performed outside of the game. We believe Supercell will simplify this process, keeping it in-house


Clash of Clans Player Tournaments

Clash Today believes that the newly improved Clash Royale tournament functionality will also be implemented into Clash of Clans. There are the nascent signs there already, with the introduction of the Friendly Challenge into Clash of Clans.

When Supercell introduced the Friendly Challenge into Clash of Clans, it was a surprise to many. It was a huge update, which wasn’t anticipated or widely requested. So why do it?

Supercell by introducing the Friendly Challenge now have most of the infrastructure to introduce Player Tournaments into Clash of Clans.

However, the refinement being implemented within the Clash Royale tournaments is required to make it more appealing for Clash of Clans. With clan wars and clan trophy pushing being an integral part of Clash of Clans, having clashers constantly leave and join clans is not an option. A new “Tournament Clan” will solve this issue, allowing participation in wars and tournaments without leaving your clan.

At the moment Supercell permit Clash Royale tournament organisers to issue prizes of  up to $10,000  without seeking permission from Supercell.  It is predicted that this limit will remain for Clash of Clans. Larger prizes are still achievable with Supercell’s agreement.

So what will be in store for Clash of Clans tournaments? 

Again, Clash of Clans will learn from Clash Royale. Tournament organisers are likely to be able to host either an “Open” tournament or a “Restricted” tournament that caters for each Town Hall level, importantly providing opportunities and incentives for all levels within the game.

Supercell, can then sit back and watch as tournaments organisers and internet broadcasters promote Clash of Clans on their behalf. eSports is booming and set to get even bigger, Supercell will not miss that boat or they risk being left behind if their competition offers this functionality first.

It is interesting to see that Clash Royale is introducing live spectating to friendly battles in the next update. Supercell adding that “this should really help tournament creators run better and more exciting events! Stay tuned for more on the Tournament Rules topic coming soon”. The live spectating will allow Twitch and YouTubers to cover these tournaments more effectively and already available on Clash of Clans.

Big changes are coming to Clash of Clans, it’s called Player Tournaments with the ability to broadcast these battles live, or in other words eSports.

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