In the spirit of bringing you the best of the Clash of Clans on the internet, we now bring a contribution from Wicked Gaming, who produce an amusing all Valkyrie attack tournament.

This tournament matches up various Valkyrie armies in head to head combat trying to three star bases using only one type of spell. Which spell is victorious?

The competition commenced with battles between Jump and Earthquake, Rage and Haste, Heal and Freeze, and Lightning and Poison. The knock out tournamant evetually producing a grand final face off between the Jump and Heal spells. Watch to see who wins.

You can also watch how the other spells matched up below.

First Round

Valkyrie Tournament: Jump vs Earthquake Spell

Valkyrie Tournament #2: Rage Spell vs Haste Spell

Valkyrie Tournament #3: Heal Spell vs Freeze Spell

Valkyrie Tournament #4: Lightning vs Poison Spell

Semi Finals

Valkyrie Tournament #5: Jump vs Haste Spell

Valkyrie Tournament #6: Heal vs Lightning Spell

Check out Wicked Gaming’s YouTube channel, they have some great series of videos.

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