So, maybe you’re thinking of starting your own clan, you’ve been stuck in the same clan for a while and time to freshen it up. Maybe you are already a clan leader but you’re finding it hard to recruit and retain new members. This is a guide to help.

Clash Today’s aim is to bring you the best that the internet has to offer for Clash of Clans. This guide was posted on the Supercell forums and is reproduced here for your benefit. This is the work of Saltin, who Clash Today thanks for producing this guide.

The guide is a little dated now, but still an excellent read and covers all the basics for starting and running your own clan.

How to build and run your own clan successfully 

Section 1

Table of contents

Section 2

Creating your clan & choosing your clan name

  • Section 2.3 – Choosing original clan names
  • Section 2.7 – Filling out the rest of your new clan form

Section 3

What you should know about creating new clans + recommendations

  • Section 3.3 – Starting a clan with one of your friends
  • Section 3.7 – New members

Section 4

Beginning to recruit and places to recruit

  • Section 4.2 – Recruiting on global chat, the pros and cons and how to recruit the right way
  • Section 4.4 – Recruiting on clan talk sub forum, the pros and cons and how to recruit the right way
  • Section 4.6 – Recruiting on clan websites / fan websites, pros and cons and how to recruit the right way.

Section 5

Keeping a safe environment and clan hoppers

  • Section 5.1 – Clan member ranks
  • Section 5.3 – Reason to NEVER give free elder, co-leader, and leader.
  • Section 5.7 – Hoppers + Types of hoppers
  • Section 5.8 – Clan emergencies + immediate action in situations
  • Section 5.9 – Trustfulness

Section 6

Keeping fair clan politics

  • Section 6.3 – Clan donations and other requirements
  • Section 6.5 – Kicking non loyal members
  • Section 6.8 – Keeping member’s donations equal or fair + Scenarios
  • Section 6.9 – Increasing requirements as clan keeps on growing

Section 7

Making connections / friendships with your clanmates

  • Section 7.3 – Ways to communicate outside Clash of Clans
  • Section 7.5 – Reasons to make friendships in CoC
  • Section 7.7 – Making friends on forums
  • Section 7.9 – Getting friends through GC, Google +, Facebook, Twitter, etc

Section 8

Creating new sister / feeder clans

  • Section 8.2 – Why create feeder clans?
  • Section 8.4 – Picking new trustful leaders and members for new feeder clans
  • Section 8.6 – Controlling multiple clans at one time
  • Section 8.8 – Expanding into even more clans

Section 9

More things to make your clan noticeable

  • Section 9.3 – YouTube channels for clans
  • Section 9.5 – Spotlights
  • Section 9.7 – Clan websites
  • Section 9.9 – Trophy pushes, donation competitions, and Clan wars.

Section 2: Creating your clan & choosing your clan name

In this section I will explain the basics of creating your clan and what you should know WHEN you chose your clan. Many people don’t actually realize these things and end up doing bad on something they could have done better, and I’ll be talking about it here.

Section 2.3 – Choosing an original clan name

One of the things many people don’t realize is choosing your own clan name, many players choose names that are totally unoriginal and therefore have been chosen numerous amounts of times in the past, there are many names that have been chosen in the past and some of them have over 20 pages of clans with the exact same name, so when you are choosing your clan name, do not choose these below which are examples of ones that have been chosen numerous amounts of times

  • Best clan
  • Clashers
  • Clash of clans
  • fire
  • North 44
  • Cool clan

If you were to search any of these clan names below, you will probably get hundreds of results and now your clan is someone in there, you won’t want to search for your clan which will probably take a long time and there is no fun in that at all
I searched the clan fire as an example and this is what I got.

Yeah it wouldn’t be fun at all to search through all of this, so do not pick any of these clan names! The best thing to do when you come up with a clan name is to search for it using the clan search bar. If you see that the name you thought of has a lot of results, the you probably shouldn’t pick that one, so keep thinking of unique original clan names, when you feel that you have found one that is the most original that you can think of, then you are good to go for your clan name!

Section 2.7 – Filling out the rest of the new clan form

Now that we have got the clan name covered, let’s look at the rest of the things before we pay up and officially create the clan.

Clan symbol:

Here you pick which clan symbol you would want and one that would fit in the most according to your clan name. Pick something that you think would fit in into the theme of your clan, of course you can always edit the symbol even after you have created the clan, but it’s best that you worry about this here and not later

Clan description:

In this box, you will put in whatever description you want for your clan so other people can see for when they view your clan. Usually when you create an entirely new clan you will want to put something like

  • We have just started a new clan, we are recruiting new members, you must donate 500 a season to stay in the clan

Also check out this trick on how you can make a longer clan description.…an-Description

But it’s up to you

Clan type:

There’s three different join types in clash of clans, which they are

  • Anyone can join
  • Invite only
  • Closed

You would definitely want to start out the clan by putting it on open status, this way members that are interested in joining can join right away without having to request or anything, remember, you would want to get any new members when you start a new clan, whether they are lvl 20 or lvl 80

Trophy requirements:

Here you would fill in the requirement for trophies, the trophies you pick would depend on who can join and who cannot
Generally, when you start a new clan, you would want to put the requirement on a low trophy count, like 600. This way, almost anyone can join except for people that barely started the game


Last but not least, pay the gold required to make the clan and boom! You have officially started a new clan!

Section 3: What you should know about a new clan + Recommendations

Here I will be explaining on some things you should know when you have barely started a new clan, plus some things I would recommend when you start a new one

Section 3.3 – Starting a clan with one of your friends

One thing I would really recommend when you start a new clan is to get some help from one of your friends that you might know in real life or one in game friend that you have made in the past. You might be thinking, “but I don’t have any friends yet on CoC, I just started” Well that is perfectly fine as well, but the reason why a partner would be recommended is because it can make it so much easier in the future when you are recruiting or when you need someone to take control for a while because you need to do something outside the clan. It’s someone that you can COMPLETELY trust, that you know that he would never kick everyone out or that he will never cuss or act immature in the clan, it’s almost like your sidekick.

If you don’t have anyone you know in clash of clans, then you can still run the clan on your own! Just look at the rest of the guide and you’ll know that you can do it

Section 3.7 – New members

Something you should really know is that when you create a new clan, people are not just gonna join randomly, you need to start recruiting which I will explain in the next section, but if new members do ever pop up in your clan, you shouldn’t trust them right away. You should leave him / her at “Member” status for several weeks until you know that you can trust him.

The thing is, when you have less then 10 players in your clan, it is very hard to try and keep players in your clan, and they eventually think it’s boring and will end up leaving. This is very normal is will happen to every new clan when it barely starts, so don’t worry about it. I will go more in depth on how you should recruit in the next section

Section 4: Beginning to recruit and places to recruit

There are MANY places you can recruit, and it’s not just in clash of clans, it can be outside the game and here I’ll be explaining the different types of places to recruit and how to recruit in the best way.

Section 4.2 – Recruiting on global chat, the pros and cons and how to recruit the right way

This is one of the most known ways to recruit members in your clan. But you should know, that this place is actually not the best area to recruit, there are many cons in global that encourage people not to recruit here, but it can still be a place to get members, here are the pros and cons of this reciting type


  • Fastest response when recruiting
  • Invite function to make new members join clans
  • Interactive chat to talk and recruit


  • Immature players and kids
  • Possibility of getting reported and banned by players for no reason
  • Possibility of getting muted and no one listening to you
  • There’s many people recruiting on global, so there’s a small chance that they might pick your clan
  • There are many hoppers lurking in global
  • There’s lots of spam in this chat

Overall, there is more cons than pros in this type of recruiting. If I were to give this type of recruiting a rank, I wouldn’t give it a high ranking, so overall I’d rank this place a 5 / 10 because of the reasons above. But this doesn’t mean that this is a bad place to recruit, you can still get some decent members in your clan there, you just have to do somethings that will encourage them to join, which will be this next paragraph

How to recruit on global the best way

Okay, so when you are recruiting and talking about your clan, you do not want to spam global with this below (used myself as an example)

This type of stuff is annoying to many of the chatters on global, it can count as spam and can have you end up reported and banned, which is not pretty

Instead of saying that above, you need to make something like a motto for your clan, something that you can put in the chat and at least try to encourage some people to join your clan. again, it is a bad idea to repeat this over and over again since you will most likely get reported for spam. Try something like this below as an example.

Again, DO NOT spam this over and over again, the most you should put it is at least 2 times per chat, after that usually players will start to get annoyed and you can end up being reported. If no one is interested in that global, then you can simply switch global by closing off the app and reopening it again This should at least get you some members! Okay now that we have this covered, I’ll not explain the other two ways to recruit outside of Clash of Clans

Section 4.4 – Recruiting on clan talk sub forum, the pros and cons and how to recruit the right way

This is probably the best way to recruit in my opinion, according to all I have seen in the clan talk sub forum since my join date in Nov. I can honestly say that it is a pretty smart place to recruit and you can end up having some pretty loyal members in your clan. The only real downside to this is that you will have to make a forums account, but don’t worry, it is free and easy! Just follow these steps below!

Clash of clans
> Settings > Help and support > Forums > Register (On the top right corner) > Fill in all information and follow the steps

Once you activate your registration and now you can post, the steps from now on are fairly easy!

Clash of clans forum
> Clan talk sub forum > Clan looking for members sub forum > Post new thread

And now you can post your new recruiting thread! BUT, there are some things that will be strongly recommended for when you make your thread. Some of the things here apply to what I said in global, and I’ll go over it again. when you make your thread, try to make it as detailed as possible and also interesting to read it, don’t just say “Join” because your thread will most likely end up not getting any responses and no one will be interested in joining your clan

Don’t make a thread like this: (Blocked out username to prevent naming and shaming)

^This threads will get ignored and trashed, so unless you don’t want any new members, let’s not make a thread like that one

When you are making an interesting, detailed thread, you would want to include things like clan banners, clan requirements, your clan history, and some other stuff that will get your viewers interested and maybe apply to your clan

Ryan0412 made an excellent thread on how you can make your own professional recruitment thread: [Tips] How to make a clan recruitment thread, professionally.

These down here are recruitment threads that are a perfect example of what I’m talking about

You should also daily check your thread to see if anyone is interested or meets the requirements of your clan, if you see new responses of people wanting to join, welcome them into the clan and feel happy that you have recruited some loyal members from the forums. People that have forums account usually are much more mature and loyal, so you won’t be seeing much of “I want elder!” or “Give me leader!”
Next we will take a small look into making clan websites for recruiting

Section 4.6 – Recruiting on clan websites / fan websites, pros and cons and how to recruit the right way.

Creating a website can be difficult, but this will make your clan look more professional, organized, and “Stronger” In a way. There are several different ways to create a website. If you know HTML Coding, You can register your own domain for a low monthly cost at a place like However, If you don’t have any money, or coding experience, There’s still good news!

There are several “Free website” websites out there. For example, You can create a free website from in the ones listed below! To see a sample website, take a look at at our clan forum! Here we discuss news that is going on in our clan!

When creating a website, You want to make sure you look professional, and original. So be sure to look up other websites, get some ideas, and make your website original!
There are many places where you can create websites, some places include:

If you have the time you can even make a YouTube video promoting your clan and friends! You will just have to wait for people to find your video and for them to comment on it if they are interested. Recruiting by adding comments on another video is generally not a good idea because you can and will annoy many youtubers, and they will think you are just seeking for attention.

Here is an example of a video promoting a clan (NOT MY CLAN AND VIDEO)

Here is an example of stuff you shouldn’t do on YouTube, especially if you are seeking for attention in other videos that are not yours!

Something you should really consider which will apply to all the recruiting ways would be to MAKE YOUR SITE, THREAD, OR VIDEO creative. If you create a website that is plain and boring, then no one will probably listen to it, and you don’t want that happening. Again, I won’t explain much here, but be creative with your website, add clan history, clan banners, and clan facts to keep the audience that is interested in joining your clan not change his mind. Not much to explain here anymore for the websites, let’s move on to section 5 now!

Section 5: Keeping a safe environment and clan hoppers

This is one of the most important sections in the thread, because abusing the clan rank system can cause devastation in your clan, there are some people out there that you can’t trust because you met them 5 minutes ago. If you don’t know what I mean, this is what this section will be for.

Section 5.1 – Clan member ranks.

In clans there are a few ranks that members can get promoted too, but beware that some ranks have more power than others and if abused by a rogue member it can cause chaos in the clan. This list will explain each rank from lowest to the most highest rank.

  • Clan member: This is the lowest rank that you can get in a clan, and is the default rank when you first join a clan. Members have no power to promote people, kick people, invite people and can be kicked out by all the 3 ranks above member rank. Members can still chat, request, and donate to other players in the clan.

  • Clan elders: Elders have more power than members, now they are able to kick members and invite but still not promote other players. Elders can be kicked by Co-leaders and Leaders. Here is an clan elder.

  • Co-leaders: Co-leaders have much more power than elders and members. They are able to kick elders and members, invite members, promote members, and send clan mail. Co-leaders have almost the amount of power a leader has. Leaders can promote Co-leaders. Here is an example of a co-leader.

  • Leaders: This is the player that controls the clan, leaders have the power to kick out all the 3 ranked players below and can also promote members, invite members, and send clan mail. Trustworthy loyal players that have been known for a long time have the capability to run a whole clan, and is his responsibility.

Section 5.3 – Reason to NEVER give free elder, co-leader, and leader

There are many reasons why you shouldn’t give members more power right away, this is especially when you are recruiting new members. You can’t just give elder or co-leader away to people you met 30 seconds ago, it is almost like giving unlimited power to a stranger. You don’t know what he could do, he or she can go rogue and destroy you clan by mass kicking all you members, or using offensive language in the chat. Here is an example:

If this person got promoted to a co-leader or little, there is little to no chance of stopping the incident because he is at the top of the pyramid. These kinds of people are called hoppers.

Section 5.7 – Hoppers + Types of hoppers.

For the most of us, when we hear about the term “Clan hoppers”, we usually think about non loyal players that wreck havoc in clans. That can be true for some hoppers, but there are actually some hoppers that can benefit clans in a good way, which is what this section is about.

Hopper #1 (Troop snitchers): These kinds of players don’t cause as much havoc as other kinds of hoppers, but can definitely be irritating to most of the clash community. These players jump from clan to clan, ask for troops, them leave away to another clan. If you have just met a player who requests right away, do not donate expensive troops but rather minor troops. Here’s an example of one that just joined and requested this:

Hopper #2 (Multiple clan friends): This kind of hopper is actually just a visitor, when a player has many friends throughout many clans, he’ll usually drop by a visit to say hi to his friends and then hop to another friend clan. Many players like me have friends in other clan and will visit them once in a while. If you have been playing for a while, you’ll usually start doing this!

Hopper #3 (Join, donate, and leave): This is the friendliest kind of hopper here in the list. These people join multiple clans, donate to all pending requests, then leave. They do this for the purpose of leveling up in XP or completing their friend in need achievement. Most clans appreciate these kinds of players.

Hopper #4 (Mass kicker): This is the most cruel hopper in the list, being able to destroy a whole clan within seconds. This player will join a clan, try to earn elder or higher by asking, sometimes he or she will do something nice like donate expensive troops or be nice. However, if this person succeeds in getting elder, co-leader, etc, he or she will start mass kicking everyone from the clan. The severity can depend on the rank that the hopper was given, an entire clan of 50 people can be completely devastated if he or she was given leader. The result can be this:

Here is a video of the same incident that I found on YouTube that shows a first person view of how it is to be mass kicked, and I hope these people were given the punishment by Supercell. Video is for example purpose only and I had nothing to do with the incident, I am just sharing this video I found.

Building the clan back up after this can be extremely difficult, you might lose many of your friends and clanmates and may never come back. Unless you didn’t have their Gamecenter, you can be able to bring those back to your clan.

Hopper # 5 (Spammer): These kind of people join clans just to annoy all the clanmates by swearing, cussing, or spamming. They do it for their own humor and laughs. If you have an elder or co-leader around, ask him to immediately take action against the spammer. Example:

Hopper #6 (Clan advertisers): One of the most annoying hoppers, these people join a clan and start advertising their clan in your clan. Just kick them and problem solved. Here is an example of one.

Hopper #7 (Leave, join, leave, join): Another type of hopper that does this to annoy the clan, he will continuously leave and join the clan and clogging up chat with “Left the clan” and “Joined the clan”. If this is happening, have a co-leader or the leader switch the clan status to invite only or closed!

Section 5.8 – Clan emergencies + Immediate actions in situations.

Scenario #1 (What should you do?)

Let’s imagine that you have made the wrong decision to give elder, co-leader, or even leader to a new member. He suddenly goes rogue and starts to cuss, spam and kick people out. You have no idea what to do since you are only ranked as an elder and can’t kick the rogue player out. What now?

What should I do?

First of all, check what rank the rogue player is, is he just an elder, or a co-leader, or the leader. If he is an elder or co-leader, then there might be a chance to boot the hopper out. Check if there is another co-leader or leader on? If he is an elder, he will not have enough time to kick all members because of the cool down. If there is no one to kick him out and you get kicked, try joining the clan again. If you have other friends in the same trouble try and tell them to move to a new clan you’re about to make so the rogue member can calm down and leave. If he leaves, try to invite as many kicked players as you can, and try telling them to come to the clan you are making. It is extremely difficult to retrieve all the members, but it is the best you can do since you probably won’t have a chance to invite all members back.

Now for a scenario outside of hoppers

Scenario #2 (What should you do?)

Let’s say that your clan leader has become inactive and doesn’t play clash of clans anymore. That means that your clan doesn’t have a main leader responsible anymore. What now?

What should I do?

If there is an active co-leader in your clan, it would be best to have them promote more co-leader from clanmates that you know are already loyal. This way, more people can be responsible of the clan to protect if any incidents happen in the future. If you had no co-leaders when your leader became inactive, you might have to make a new clan and talk it out with the current active clanmates, once everyone in the clan knows, everyone can move to the new clan and a new leader can be picked along with a few co-leaders.

Section 5.9 – Trustfulness.

It is very important to know when it is time to promote members to higher ranks and not right away. As you know, not everyone can be elder and you have to know when and who to promote. When you get a member to join your clan and starts bragging for elder or co-leader immediately, you don’t want these people in your clan, just kick them out. If you have a loyal member that has been in your clan for a couple months and has had good history of donations and behavior, like one of our clanmates here:

If you continue to see donations and behavior like this, then it is best that they have now earned elder. Some of my clanmates in my old clan weren’t promoted until 5 months after they joined. We keep a stable and balanced number of elders and co-leaders, so the clan won’t tip over with non loyal members. Remember, giving co-leader is basically giving all the power to a member, AVOID promoting right away at all costs! I’ve seen clans in global that have 10, 20, or even all co-leaders! I’ll tell you, those clans will not last long into the future, it pretty much defeats the sole purpose of clan politics. Now that you know how to keep your clan safe, it is time to move on to section 6

Section 6: Keeping fair clan politics

When running a clan, it is best to keep the environment fair, whether it’s with donations or loyalty, which is what I will be explaining in this section.

Section 6.3 – Clan donations and other requirements

When running a clan, you need to set some requirements as the clan keeps growing and growing. Sure when you just started, you can keep requirements low but as time goes on you may now have to set requirements for people that want to join your clan and for them to stay in the clan. Some requirements people do to their clan is based on village lvl; for example, you must be lvl 65 and over to join our clan, which is the requirement we set for out clan as of now.

Aside from the requirements to get in, we also need to set requirements to stay in the clan, for example an amount of donations can be set that members have to donate in a season. In our clan, ratios do not matter but in some clans, leaders require 500+, 1000+, or even more donations per season to remain a member in the clan. Sometimes you get members that are just rude, never donate, and are always inactive in chat. This is what this next section will explain.

Section 6.5 – Kicking non loyal members.

If you have members in your clan that keep breaking clan rules, not meeting the requirements for each season, and just not being active at all; I think it’s time to say that you need to find a better member. Most clans will kick members that break the rules and such, here’s some examples of people that aren’t considered loyal.

Example 1 (Non donator)

Example 2 (Inactive clanmate)

Example 3 (Elder, co, or leader beggars)

Example 4 (People that don’t attack in clan wars)

Section 6.8 – Keeping member’s donations equal or fair + Scenarios

One important point to keep aware is to keep the environment of requirements fair. As I said in the last section, you should eventually boot non loyal members out of the clan and not keep them sitting in the clan. This cam actually encourage other loyal members to do the same thing, which is what I will explain in this scenario.

scenario You have a non loyal member in your clan that hasn’t been donating at all and hasn’t been active on chat all the time. At the same time, your most loyal member is donating 2000 per season and being active all the day. If he continues to see that the player not meeting requirements is not being punished, he will began to believe that if he started to do the same thing, he will not be punished. Not punishing these members can cause your most loyal members to go downhill and start doing the same thing and the guy not meeting requirements. It is best to kick non loyal members out before your best clanmates get encouraged to do the same thing. You want this from your clan.

Not this:

Section 6.9 – Increasing requirements as clan keeps on growing.

As I said before, as your clan gets stronger and you get better members, now you can raise the requirements from when opened the clan. Now, you want more experienced players and once your clan keeps building up from the ground, you can now try and recruit higher more experienced players into your clan. Won’t be easy at first, but once your clan gets a hang of it, it will start getting filled up once it reaches 35 members and higher! Now that we know how to keep a fair clan environment, let’s move on to section 7 now!

Section 7: Making connections / friendships with your clanmates

One of the biggest points of a clan is to build friendships with your clan! You can’t just have a clan of 50 people and just not get to know them. You can easily become friends within clan chat, but there are many clans that use different application to communicate more while outside the game!

Section 7.3 – Ways to communicate outside clash of clans

Most of these apps or websites are for communication, which include:

Section 7.5 – Reasons to make friendships in CoC

This is the best part about clash, communicating with your friends! The game is boring if you don’t socialize with people in your clan, and that is the reason why many beginners before they build their cc quit. It’s more fun to see your clanmates then to build your village!

Section 7.7 – Making friends on forums

You can easily add friends on forum by sending friend requests to forumers! The forums is one of the best way to discuss clash and other things with your friends or other people!

You may also create discussions about the game and create a conversation about the topic, just make sure to follow forum rules HERE ->…les-%2ARead%2A

If you are not in the mood for clash of clans, you are more than welcome to chill out in forum games/Off topic!
Just make sure to have fun and keep it clean, you can meet some awesome forumers here!

Section 7.9 – Getting friends through GC, Google +, facebook, twitter, etc

Gamecenter is the best way to stay in touch with your friends, you can visit their village and see their status even if you are in different clan! If you want to send a friend request to someone on Gamecenter, it’s fairly easily! Follow these steps. Gamecenter > Friends > Add friends > Type GC of person > Send > Done!

Wait for your friend to accept your request, it might take a while depending if they notice or not.

This is how your GC friends will look like in clash!

As for Facebook, twitter, and other social sites, you clanmate may not want to share his account many clanmates have done this before especially when being in huge clans and alliances, as they need to be in touch with each clan.
Let’s move on to section 8 now.

Section 8: Creating new sister / feeder clans

If your clan starts to become extremely successful, you might start to notice that your clan is filled up and there is no space for no one to enter. Since you can’t fit more than 50 people in your clan, the only option would be to start an alliance of feeder clans!

Section 8.2 – Why create feeder clans?

Creating an alliance of clans for your family is the next step for a huge clan success. Feeder clans are other clans that will be joining forces in a alliance sort of way, expanding more clans can make your family huge and they can be the sisters of your main and first clan! For example, our alliance has three clans!

Settings different requirements for each sister clan can be a way to get a clan with low lvl players, casual players, and the main one for your hardcore players!

However, even though it sounds easy and exciting, you will now need for someone to run those clans!

Section 8.4 – Picking new trustful leaders and members for new feeder clans.

When choosing new leaders to run your new clans, you need to elect players you know you trust and know that they are responsible enough to run the clan. The same thing will go with co-leaders as well and elders can be chosen in the future if loyal members are found. Again, here is an example from our clan alliances.

Forum bound was our first clan, and once we got everything settled we made the other 2 clans with different requirements, we chose the leaders we agreed on the most and here they are.

Forum striking leader

Forum bound leader

Forum rising leader

You can arrange your election system the same as we did, and you’ll be able to figure out a new leader within a day or two of thinking!

Section 8.6 – Controlling multiple clans at one time

Once you have new leaders, they will be able to run the other clans while you run yours. However, it is best to do a weekly visit to all your clans to see how everyone is doing. You can keep track of how each clan is doing and if it is not doing well, then you may ask the leader of that clan to switch clans so you clan run that one for as long as you need.

Our alliance leader does the same thing, and it seems to be going great so far!

Section 8.8 – Expanding into even more clans

Some clan alliances have up to 12 clans in their family, and even though it seems extremely difficult to run that many clans, it can be possible and it has been done before! Now that you have got a brief idea of running feeder clans, lets move to section 9 now!

Section 9: More things to make your clan noticeable

If you want your clan to get more attention, here are some places that you can use to do so!

Section 9.3 – Youtube channels for clans

Many people have made YouTube channels to show off their clan to others. They usually post raids from clanmates and events that are going on. Here are some examples of some youtube channels

Megacity YouTube channel

Bonbee power youtube channel

Here is an example of what players do to spotlight to promote their clan. (NOT MY VIDEO)

Section 9.5 – Clan spotlights!

There is an extremely slim chance that you will get spotlighted by Supercell, especially if you’re clan is new and not that noticeable yet. Supercell has given out 4-5 spotlights over the past year in their Facebook, here is an example!

Though, you can get spotlights from your friends and clanmates, and maybe create fan art for your clan. Remember, creativity here matters, and the more people you get their attention, the more noticeable your clan will be by the clash community! Here is an example from fan art I created!

Section 9.7 – Clan websites

Once you think your clan has become well developed, you can create a website with the links I posted in 4/10. If you know how to code, them give it a shot! You can even run your own clan forum with vbulletin! Example of our forum.

Section 9.9 – Trophy pushes and donation competitions

Running events in your clan is a great way to make your clan noticeable, whether it’s breaking a record or breaching the top 200! It be awesome to see your clan in the leaderboard right?

Try nearing top 200 as a clan challenge!

Or try to show some extreme donations!

Or even try to have a hardcore war win streak! (NOT MY CLAN)
Also check out this awesome app for tracking your clan war streaks! Here you can post strategies to make your clan more organized during clan wars and can give notifications when you need to attack or plan something out

Clan wars assist.

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