So, you enjoy war more than farming and you’re thinking of going down the .5 route. Great, many do very successfully. But, do you understand what this means and the consequences?

This guide will make sure you understand the principles of .5 and how it will affect you and your clan. You can then make an informed decision about going .5.

If you get this wrong, you could end up with a rushed base and not the .5 war machine you are looking for.

Please remember a .5 base is only a label used for those prioritising offence over defence to reduce your war weight. There are many ways to build a successful .5 base, and if you ask advice from a dozen people, you’re likely to get a dozen different answers. Most will be right, there are many different ways to build a strong a .5 base.

At the conclusion of the guide we offer a number of video guides, just skip the text if you prefer to watch/listen to .5 guides.

Guide for TH8.5

First step:

Make sure you are a max TH8. If not, do not go down the .5 route. Becoming a true 8.5 will be tough, if you’re unable or unwilling to go to max TH8, maybe .5 isn’t for you.

Second Step

The following are the required upgrades for an 8.5. This is not a strict, do it in this order type of list. Although try and keep it similar, just be pragmatic.

  • Upgrade Clan Castle
  • Build Archer Queen and then keep upgrading as much as you can. Don’t wait to upgrade heroes until the end
  • Upgrade Laboratory, then upgrade troops you use most frequently
  • Upgrade Spell Factory and new spells
  • Upgrade Army Camps
  • Upgrade Dark Spell Factory and new spells
  • Build all new Walls quickly to level 9, then keep building to level 10
  • Build and upgrade all Traps, bombs etc and upgrade them to TH9 max levels
  • Build and upgrade Air Defence to TH8 max levels
  • Upgrade all Tesla to TH9 max levels
  • Build and upgrade all storages and collectors to max TH9
  • Upgrade all Barracks to max TH9

If you are building your 8.5 for war, you should consider stopping now, no more upgrades! The base you just built should allow you to hit many positions above you on the war map and you’ll be a huge asset in war.

If you want to continue to TH9, then you should upgrade you defences carefully, to maintain a war matchmaking advantage for as long as possible.

  • Start with upgrading your new defences to TH8 level
  • Continue to upgrade your walls to level 9
  • Upgrade all your defences apart from Xbows.
  • Upgrade xbows last, when all other defences have been built.
  • Make sure you have continued to upgrade heroes and walls, don’t leave them until the end

As a TH8.5, you will deliberately have weak defences and it will be challenging for you to defend in multiplayer. It is essential that as an 8.5 you remain active and raid for more loot than you lose.

Remember, only go down the TH8.5 route if you and your clan are serious about war.

Upgrading to 9.5

The principles remain exactly the same. Follow the advice for 8.5 and build the additional Xbow and Inferno Towers last.

This is vitally important for a TH9.5, Inferno Towers are heavily war weighted. If you wish to gain a 9.5 advantge you must not build them untill the end!

The following are YouTube guides to 8.5/9.5

From BC clash of clans

From Jake, One Hive

From Clash with Ash

Do you still want to know more? Check out another guide on Supercell forums

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