This is a Lavaloon guide for beginners and those wanting to perfect your attacks. It will cover the basics and provide links to the best Lavaloon guides on YouTube. Just skip down if you just want to watch the guides or read on for the guide to Lavaloon.

Lavaloon is a very powerful attack strategy, however it can be tricky to master as the timing of troop deployment is paramount. If the timing is out slightly, then disaster awaits, get it right and glory beckons.

The Basics

What is Lavaloon?

Lavaloon is an air attack, using Laval Hounds and Balloons (loons). The basic strategy is to use the Hounds as a tank, to soak up defensive hits, the Loons then follow the Hounds and smash up the defences.

Lavaloon is a three star attack strategy and perfect for war, where you will be able to carefully plan the attack. In every attack consider taking a few minions along, these will be used to clean buildings, and help speed up base destruction and ensure three stars.

Army composition

Your Loons need to be level 6. If they aren’t, your attacks are unlikely to work. There is also a big difference between level 1 and level 2 Hounds. To hit harder bases, with decent Air Defences, Level 2 is essential. So, consider only hitting easier bases with Level 1 Hounds.

Your first consideration with Lavaloon is the lure. The exact army you take has to vary depending on the base, the difficulty to lure, and other factors like the strength of the Air Defence.

It is essential to lure when using Lavaloon. A dragon in the defenders Clan Castle will usually mean a fail. How to lure is a preference, use your trusted method.


The recommended spells for Lavaloon are Rage and Haste, nothing else. You may read some guides to take a Heal spell, the advice is avoid. If your preferred lure is using Poison, then take one of these.

Experiment first with all Rage spells, as you get used to the timing and strategy, try mixing them in with Haste, or even just Haste.

Who to hit?

When starting out, first try attacking TH8 or weak TH9. You need to practice the timing of the Hounds and Loons. Work on this and get it right before trying harder TH9s.

You also want a weak enemy Archer Queen to begin with. An Archer Queen on her own can wreck a Lavaloon hit. You need to ensure she doesn’t have free range at hitting defenceless Loons.

On easy bases, you should use three Hounds in total, try and take a high level Hound in your Clan Castle. When you start hitting harder TH9s, you will then need to take a total of four hounds, sometimes five.  When hitting harder TH9s, you’ll need Level 2 Hounds and try and take a level three or four in the Clan Castle.

How do I use Lavaloon?

The primary objective of a Lavaloon is to first target and destroy the Air Defences, who are the nemeses of Lavaloon. Hounds primary target is the Air Defence. The Loons primary target are defences. Both units will fly past other buildings searching  for their preferred target.

The theory of Lavaloon is that a Hounds are dispatched towards the Air Defences, the Loons are then deployed behind to destroy the Air Defences. The Hounds then move off to another Air Defences, followed by the Loons. When all the Air Defences are destroyed, the Minion and Heroes can clean up the base.

This is the basic strategy, but like all strategies used there are many key areas to making it successful. The three most important factors are:

  1. timing
  2. destroying the Clans Castle
  3. destroying the Archer Queen

You should now understand the principles of Lavaloon. There are now several examples of using Lavaloon for beginners, with more advanced guides as you progress through the selection.

There are a selection of guides from Clash with Ash:

Visit Clash with Ash on YouTube, one of the finest channels covering Clash of Clans.

The following two offerings are from Clash with Dart

Do you still want to know more or simply get another perspective. Follow the links to others beginners guides to Lavaloon:

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