On 25 May 2016, Xmodgames released an update for Clash of Clans. They announced the following:

COC Mod OUT, iOS 3.4.0 & Android 2.7.1.

Traps still being fixed, supporting COC v.8.332.9 & 8.332.6 , featuring new troops & spells with refined methods to protect -accounts.

Android traps still being fixed. Plz stay tuned!

Clash of Clans v.8.332.9, is the latest release by Supercell.

Clash Today requested a comment from Xmodgames concerning the current Supercell action to ban modding within Clash of Clans. Xmodgames have not responded to the request.

Their Facebook page is active with many comments since the update. It appears that many are still willing to take the risk and mod on Clash of Clans, strange considering there’s a two-week ban for being caught and then a permanent ban for a second infringement.

So, who are those looking to exploit Clash of Clans, where are they from? We decided to check out the statistics for ourselves.

Similarweb.com: The following represents the top five countries visiting xmodgames.com:

xmod 3
Data from http://www.similarweb.com

The countries represented are some of the most populus, it is not surprising that they are therefore represented in the top 5.

xmod 4
Data from http://www.similarweb.com

When you take a look and the traffic sources, over a quarter are from a direct link, meaning that many of those visiting the site are regulars. Less than 60% are from searches, which is unusually low. It appears xmodgames have some loyal customers.

Alexa.com: This site countries changes the countries represented. Iran and Pakistan replacing Brazil and Turkey.

alexa xmod
Data from Alexa.com

Traffic Estimates (www.trafficestimates.com) reveals that there is in excess of 340,000 visitors to the xmod website monthly. Not all of thee will be visiting for Clash of Clans modding.

However, by reading the comments section on xmodgames, modding in Clash of Clans still seems a popular as popular as ever.

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