The Bowler has been with us for a while, are you using it to its full potential? You probably know that in the recent update, its housing space was reduced to 6. This makes a Bowler a serious contender for your armies, especially when used with Healers in a Bowler walk.

If you want some tips on Bowler attacks or if you would just like to enjoy watching mass Bowler attacks, just check a fine selection from the best YouTubers below.

The following is from Clash with Ash, using Bowlers and the Clone spell.

A funnel is created with a Queen Walk and Bowler/wiz. Ash adds a rage spell once the Bowlers reach the core. An interesting strategy, well worth a view, as is Clash with Ash’s channel on YouTube.

Another offering from Clash with Ash who is certainly leading the Bowler fan club and producing some interesting and lethal attacks.

 A third offering from Clash with Ash, this time a Bowler walk at TH8.
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