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eSports is becoming increasingly popular, with viewership for major events out numbering major traditional sporting events like the NBA Finals or World Series clinches.

However, Red Fox Insights’ Exploring the eSports Gamer report found that the number gamers watching eSports more than once a week in the US and UK was still relatively low – particularly in the UK.

Red Fox received over 8,000 responses from over 800 completed gamer surveys targeting an engaged gaming audience.

US: 22.39% said yes
UK: 13.69% said yes

In order to further drive engagement, improve eSports, and increase viewership, gaming brands are looking to other industries for inspiration in both marketing and product design. The Gearing up for Gaming report by Red Fox Insights reveals how these brands are adapting strategies and learning to match esports’ breakneck growth.


We asked Travis Hezel, Global Director of Sponsorship at SteelSeries if his team draws inspiration from other sources. He responded, “We draw inspirations from a lot of different brands and a lot of different industries. Nike with basketball is obviously a big one from advertising.”

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