Clash Today continues to look at Clash of Clans becoming an eSport. We know that Supercell are exploring eSports, the question is, why ?

Michael Vorhaus is the President of Magid Advisors, he is interviwed on Bloomberg an discusses the growth of eSports. Vorhaus predicts eSports will soon hit $1 billion in annual revenue. That’s a lot of reasons for Supercell to want to enter this market. You can listen to the Bloomberg interview here.

Supercell is looking to cash in on this growth by expanding its eSports presence. Supercell is currently recruiting staff to help Supercell define what eSports means on mobile and what eSports competition means to Clash Royale.

The Supercell vacancy is based in San Fransisco, and the successful applicant will look to take eSports beyond the hardcore gaming niche and turn it into something that everyone does, everywhere.

Supercell are incredibly excited about eSports, saying they’ve already taken their first few steps into this world with events like Tokyo Clash, ClashCon 2015, and the Clash Royale Helsinki Tournament.

What does that mean for Clash of Clans?

We know that Supercell are already looking at eSports for Clash of Clans. Clashcon demonstrated this for all to see. In addition, interviewed Marika Appel, Clash of Clans Community Manager at Supercell prior to Clashcon. He was asked about the rise of Clash of Clans as an eSport?

Anything is possible, but no matter what we’ll always try to follow our community’s lead with Clash of Clans. Over the last year or so we have seen an increase in people playing competitively, and on the other side the spectatorship element of the game, which is why we’re hosting tournaments at ClashCon. We always want to support our fans, and how they’re playing the game. With regards to our long-term vision, all I can say is that I don’t know, but, it’s certainly within the realm of possibility if that’s where fans want to take it.

With a billion dollar market, it is unsurprising that Supercell is looking to expand into eSports. It also makes strategic sense for Tencent, a giant in eSports who are believed to be in talks to buy 73% of Supercell.

A Newzoo report from February 2016 looks at eSports in China. It claims that Tencent is the world’s largest company by game revenues. Their dominance of this market is simple, in China, Tencent owns half of the top eSports titles on Android and 63% of top eSports titles on iOS.

Newzoo claims that Tencent has a clear ambition to dominate eSports on a local and global scale.


During the interview pre Clashcon, Marika Appel, Clash of Clans Community Manager at Supercell commented that what the fans want drives Supercell. We’re not so sure, eSports is big business, it will help drive marketing and then there is Tencent.

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