Do you want to know how to use the new Baby Dragon? Here are a selection of your favourite YouTuber showing various attack strategies.

Here you will see Cam using Baby Drags to funnel.

Clash with Cam

See mass Baby Dragons with MYSTCL7:

Above from MYSTLC7

See Chief Pat using the Baby Dragon and Miner combo.

Above by Chief Pat

Godson uses Baby Dragons with Golem and then with Valks.

The above was from Godson.

The above is from nickatnyte.

The above from Clash with Ash.

More will be added when they become available. Dont forget to subscribe to your favourite YouTuber!

If you want to know more about Daddy Dragons then the following are excellent reads on using Drags at TH7/TH8.

The Definitive TH7/8 Dragon Guide For Clan Wars

Mass Drags at TH7, Dragons rule the air in Clash of Clans

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