1. Dragons are promiscuous, they have no preferred target and hit anything nearby. However, when the enemy Clan Castle, Heroes or Skeletons come within range and attack either the Dragons or other troops, they will divert and engage until destroyed.

We wont delve into the link between a Dragons promiscuity and the new Baby Dragon. However, if you know anything feel free to leave a comment.

2. The first Clash of Clans superstar was Jorge Yao, who was featured by the New York Times. Yao was the first to reach 4,000 trophies, an impressive achievement then. Yao used an all Dragon army.

Jorge Yao
Picture: New York Times

3. When destroyed. the Dragons skeleton is human shaped

drag human 1

4. Dragons do not attack Walls, however when attacking ground Clan Castle troops, splash damage will be inflicted on nearby walls. This damage could be substantial, but the dragon splash range is very small.

5. Fifth tip, well there many more tips on Dragons at TH7/8 on the following links. These guides will improve your Dragon whispering and will ensure you impress your clanmates in war.

The Definitive TH7/8 Dragon Guide For Clan Wars

TH7 Guide to Mass Drags

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