As predicted by Clash Today, Supercell announces the Miner as a new troop. This joins the Baby Dragon announced earlier today.


The Miner is a sneaky shoveler who burrows underground, passes beneath walls and pops up right next to his target! This is the second crossover from Clash Royale, unlocks at Town Hall 10 and uses 5 spaces.

The Miner can only be deployed where other troops would, usually at the edge of the map or holes in bases. The Miner burrows under the ground and pops up at the first structure. After destroying that building he goes back under ground until he reaches the next structure.

Whilst underground the Miner does not activate traps, but does above ground.

This is predicted as a big addition to Clash of Clans and will influence game strategies significantly.

See the Miner in action from your favourite YouTuber.

Above from Galadon.

Above from Clash with Ash.

Above from Chief Pat.

Above from Godson.

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