On 19 May 2016, Supercell provided a second Sneak Peak for the May Clash of Clans Update.

They announced a new dark spell, the Skeleton Army. This will be made available at Town Hall 9 and allows you to summon an army of Skeletons anywhere on the battlefield.

As many spell before it, the Skeleton Army is likely to alter the way we approach attacks and no doubt defences will adjust to accommodate the new spell.

The obvious use of the spell will be to pop a Clan Castle, where an easy inexpensive lure is not feasible. This will allow attackers to lure and either kill the Clan Castle troops, or draw them to a suitable location on the map where they can be easily destroyed during the attack.

Many on the forums have suggested that the spell would be used to trigger Double Giant Bomb locations. However, skeletons dont trigger traps. This function was disabled during the Witch nerf in March 2016.

Other suggestions made, is that it has brought the return of zapping DE storage, instead of lighting, the skeleton army would hit the DE storage. It’s unlikely however that with defences fully trained on the Skeleton Army that it would last long enough to make this tactic viable. However, we will need to wait and see how this one develops.

At first glance, the primary use of the Skeleton spell will be to pop the Clan Castle and for distraction during an attack. At TH9 the tactic could be to distract the Archer Queen or Barbarian King who are targeting the last remaining Hogs in a mass Hog raid. This might just give enough time for the Hogs to complete their mission and turn on the Heroes too.

They could also be used towards the end of a three (or two) star attempt to distract the last remaining defences, whilst your remaining troops close in on the few remaining defences.

Supercell are developing hard to maintain interest in Clash of Clans, they are making very good progress. It is essential to keep all types of player engaged, this includes those at max TH11.

The updates so far should keep TH11 challenged, the canon will bolster defences and the increased air attack capabilities is likely to increase air raids at TH11. This keeps the game fresh, forcing clashers to either develop new skills or reacquaint themselves with old forgotten techniques.

See the new Skeleton spell in action here.

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