Valks are overpowered, a fact we have to live with, we must adapt or be crushed. It remains to be seen if they will remain overpowered, especially with upgraded spring traps arriving in the May 2016 update. For now, what can we do?

Let’s be pragmatic, a solid, skilled, carefully considered attack with high level troops is going to hurt your base. If you are looking for the silver bullet, it doesn’t exist, yet…

Here we are looking at a selection of tips, to help you think about tweaking your base and apply counter measures. Some of these will work for you, others won’t. Hopefully, these tips will help you formalise a better defensive strategy.

This guide will be constantly revised and updated when new methods work and suggested tips regularly fail. Please leave your comments with other suggestions. We cover:

  • Clan Castle troops
  • Base Design and General Tips for Bases
  • Traps


Clan Castle


Consider a Golem and loons in the Clan Castle. The Golem will resist for a short while, not very long, but sufficient time to allow it to be surrounded by multiple Valks. When it blows, it causes significant HP damage to the Valks.

If the Valks are already weak, this could be terminal. However, it is more likely that the Golem will be engaged early in the attack, most Valks will be hurt by the Golem explosion but not fatally. Try and place your CC so that the Golem’s defence is in range of a multi Inferno Tower, the IT can then finish off many of the Valks quickly.

Try placing the CC so it is near an IT, the golem will move slowly to defend and should stay within its range. If you have the space add a Balloon. Given a little time, Balloons can inflict serious damage on Valks that move quickly into the base and lose protection from the attacking wizards or Archer Queen. A bonus, when they die, they also cause minor splash damage to troops below. It all helps to reduce the attacking strength of the Valks.

Remember, the Heal spell doesn’t work when troops ar targeted by an Inferno and using Heal on Valks at TH10/11 isn’t effective, other spells offer more potency. Heals are an option on TH9 bases, where the HP being inflicted is substantially less.

If you’re not convinced by golem in your CC, and let’s face it, using them is against conventional wisdom, why not try Minions.


Fill your entire cc with them, they are quick and can keep pace with Valks and can be useful against Hog attacks too.

One advantage of Minions is that they are difficult to bring down deep inside your base where the Valks will be engaging defences. Even if engaged by the Archer Queen, having 17 Minions will distract the Queen from inflicting heavy damage on your defences.

A Poison spell is troublesome for Minions, but Minions are likely to move out of the kill zone as they follow the Valks through the base. In addition, many TH10/11 prefer not to take Poison and take an Earthquake or Haste spell to help the Valk attack.

Dragon and Balloons

The traditional Dragon and Balloons are also effective. Both can cause heavy splash damage if not destroyed early by the attacker.

Base Design and General Tips for Bases

There are several posts on Clash Today attempting to provide anti Valk base designs. They can be viewed here:

If you are seeking to tweak your base, consider the following options:

Use larger than normal compartments, that have defences and buildings spread so that the Valks can’t destroy two structures with one swing.

If compartments are too small earthquakes can take out walls defending the core and inflict heavy damage very quickly. Make sure you have core large enough and spread out so that an earthquake will not expose 4 compartments.

Ring bases can work very well at TH11, ensure there is some space between the core walls and buildings outside the core. You want to direct the Valks towards the nearest building, which should be outside the core and not inside.

Queen Walk with Valks is a favoured attack combination again TH11. Ensure that your Eagle is protected from easy destruction by the Queen Walk. Have multiple point defenses and a Hero or two defending the Eagle.


Place Giant Bombs carefully, they are the Valks nemeses. Ensure there are sufficient dummy locations to confuse attackers. Consider placing Giant Bombs within range of a multi Inferno, with weakened health, the IT can help complete the kill.

A skilled attacker may avoid obvious Giant Bombs locations. Consider setting other traps with this in mind. Place them where you think attackers will strike in order to avoid the Giant Bombs, or place traps in locations where you are usually attacked from.

Valks will chase Skeletons when in range, try and use them to divert the Valks away from your core.

Watch multiple replays of your defences. Look for common themes, tweak you base regularly, placing Giant Bombs, Traps and Skeletons where they may be more effective.

XBows and Infernos

With mass Valks being so so popular, serious consideration should be given to having two Xbows pointing down. The additional range helps target the Valks and ensures that any Queen Walk is under pressure.

Placing Xbows down can be risky, however air raids are rare these days. This may change very soon as level 4 Hounds and level 7 Balloons are due in the May 2016 update. These will only be available at TH11, their strength is still unknown, but an air attack by a TH11 with these troops is likely to threaten three stars on most TH10.

Stating the obvious, Inferno Towers should be set to multi, single would be too slow for mass Valk attack.

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