On 18 May 2016, Supercell released a sneak peak for their May updates. Whilst the new troop levels and the Friendly Challenge grabbed the headlines. Supercell quietly introduced a number of improvements they modestly called “other”.

Clash Today verdict:

A very impressive update in prospect, despite only day one of the sneak peaks. If only Supercell prevented a “Friendly challenge” on newly created or amended bases, then this update would receive a very big thumbs up.

However, the “Friendly Challenge” is potentially very divisive, only time will tell how Supercell manage its  transition and how the community adpts.

These improvements were:

Edit Mode tools: A bunch of features added to make editing layouts easier

  • This feature was sorely needed, let’s hope it will cut base building time drastically.
  • This will be useful in replicating your opponents war base.

Donate fully trained Troops/Spells from production queues even if your army is full

  • This was demanded by those living in the clouds. Supercell recently opened up chat to those patiently waiting to hit, this will now allow them to donate already trained troops.

Drag troops/spells anywhere into a training queue – training progress is transferred

  • Very useful, it was always painful cooking that golem, to find out someone beat you to it. You can now transfer the build time to the hound that another clanmate just requested.

Gem Troops/Spells for donation directly from the donation context menu

  • Simplifies donating when you want to gem troops. Only a minor improvement but still a nice to have.

War Logs for any Clan can now be publicly viewed, unless disabled in Clan settings

  • We wait to see how this will be implemented.
  • In principle, this is welcomed. However, the war community fear it encourage spies to join recent opponents and scout replays for traps and tactics. Many, will no doubt tip their toe, an interesting wait and see.

Builder Suggestions: Tap Builder Info to see and select suggested upgrades to perform

  • An excellent update. Will spare clasher tapping defences and buildings looking for appropriate upgrades.

Live spectator count is now shown during attack – see how many others are watching!

  • Not certain this was required or the benefit.
  • There is little benefit unless watching war hits will be opened up to other clashers, not just those at war

Chat stream revamped with built-in Request button

  • It is assumed this relates to a troop request. If so, uncertain of the benefit.

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