Are you confused about Personal Breaks, Shields and Village Guards? Do you know when you will be kicked from the game and how long a break you need?

If you’re uncertain, then read on, you can avoid much annoyance by understanding the rules.

Personal Breaks: How they work

Every player starts off with 4 hours of playing time until they’re forced onto a 6-minute Personal Break, to give other players a chance to attack them. But what happens after that? And when does your Personal Break timer reset?



– Getting any Shield resets your Personal Break timer

– Staying offline 15 minutes (without a Village Guard/Shield) will reset the Personal Break timer

– Buying a 2-hour Village Guard (10 gems) will add 2 hours to your Personal Break timer

– Village Guard time is always considered online (play) time, regardless of whether you’re actually in the game or doing something else

Otherwise, the following 3-stage rule applies:

1. After 4 hours of playtime, a player is given a 6-minute Personal Break. During this offline period, if a player

a) does not get attacked, or

b) is attacked but does not get a Shield they’ll receive another 30 minutes of playing time (and a Village Guard).

2. When those 30 minutes run out, the player gets kicked out for another 6-minute Personal Break.

extended break

Like Stage 1, if during this period the player

a) does not get attacked, or

b) is attacked but does not get a Shield they’ll receive another 30 minutes of playing time (and a Village Guard).

3. When that second period of 30 minutes runs out, the player gets kicked out for a third and final 6-minute Personal Break.

If during this period the player

a) does not get attacked, or

b) is attacked but does not get a Shield they receive a league-based Village Guard (30min to 4hrs) and the Personal Break timer is full

Why am I forced on a Personal Break when I’ve barely been playing?

Since the December 2015 update, the Personal Break countdown was reduced from 6 hours to 4 hours, and it now comes with the possibility of two 30-minute extensions.

This is how it works:

After 4 hours of playing, you’re forced on a Personal Break for six minutes. If you survive that break without being attacked (or getting a shield), you get another 30 minutes worth of playtime (with a Village Guard) before the game enforces another 6-minute Personal Break.

You then get a second 30-minute opportunity to play (again with a Village Guard), before the third and final Personal Break kicks in. When you’ve come out of that last Personal Break, you’re back in action with 4 hours of playtime.  Your Personal Break timer also resets back to 4 hours if…

b) you get a shield (either purchased or from being attacked)

c) you spend 15 minutes offline without getting attacked


  •  Village Guard time counts as online time! If you’ve got a Guard running, it counts as playtime, regardless of whether you’re actually in the game or not. That’s why a Personal Break may start unexpectedly, if you’ve earned a Village Guard that used up some or all of your playtime.
  • Buying a 2-hour Village Guard extend your Personal Break countdown timer by 2 hours!

Shields: How they work

Once you exit the game and your Village Guard expires, your village is open to attacks from other players. With a shield, you can protect your village and prevent other players from attacking you.

shield 3

At the very start of the game, all players get a 3-day shield to prepare their village. After that, you can either buy shields for gems at the in-game shop, or make the most of the free shields activated after being badly damaged in an attack.

Depending on the extent of the damage, a shield will turn on, protecting your village for the next 12, 14 or 16 hours. However, an automatic shield appears only if the attacker deployed at least 1/3 of a full army (calculated according to your TH level).

Purchased shields last for 1, 2 or 7 days. Buying a shield is followed by a cool down period, during which the same type of shield cannot be bought again. The cool downs are 5, 10 and 35 days long respectively.

shield 1

You can join the multiplayer game or visit another village using the ‘Revenge’ button as much as you want, even when your shield is active.

Please note that if you start an attack by deploying a troop or spell, your remaining shield time will be reduced. The time-cost of attacking with a shield is 3h for the first attack, and rises with each attack from there on. With every new shield, the time-cost of attacking is reset.

You can participate in Clan Wars or play the single player campaign without fear of losing any shield.

I lost a defence, but didn’t get a Shield

So you lost a defence but weren’t granted a shield? The reason: shields have come to operate differently (since December 2015):

Town Hall destruction no longer grants a shield for the defender; bring your Town Hall inside! At least 30% of destruction is necessary to get a shield, and the attacker needs to deploy enough troops.

To compensate, you can now attack while shielded. It will not break the entire shield, but instead deduct a small amount of it. Think of your Shield as a resource. Shields are flexible to your needs. Use them as you wish to suit your own style of play.

Village Guards: How they work

A Village Guard prevents any attacks on your village for a short period of time. That time is from 30 minutes up to 4 hours, depending on your League level, but even unranked players can receive a 30-minute guard.

While the Guard is active, your village will act as if online. Only available after your Shield has ended, the Guard takes your Village out of matchmaking as you raid to your heart’s content. Entering matchmaking does not cost time off your Guard — unlike the Shield, which gets shorter with every attack you make.

There are three ways to activate a Village Guard:

  • Purchase a 2-hour Village Guard for a very low cost via the in-game shop (23h cool down).
  • An automatic Village Guard will activate after your Shield expires (time based off Trophy League).
  • Every defence that does not result in a Shield will trigger a 30-minute Village Guard.

Keep in mind, while under a Village Guard you can do pretty much whatever you want without fear of being attacked

Keep in mind: a Guard always counts toward your Personal Break timer.

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