On 17 May 2016, Supercell announced the Friendly Challenge, a new feature aimed at allowing clashers to practice hits on clanmates.

It is fair to say that the Supercell forums have a mixed response. However, when a substantial post is made, it is often critical.

The war community prides itself in fair play, the concern is that any skill developed over years will be diluted and Supercell will be condoning copying enemy bases for practice war hits.

Here are a sample of the negative comments;


*shakes head disapprovingly*
Immediately this will be abused by the no lifers who can practice war opponents designs much like the cheat modes did… it promotes gameplay without any tangible results, thus stagnating players progress yet wasting their time. Its nothing but a capitulation to cheat modes. It says, we can’t beat them so we’ll join them.


Stupid idea, you banned modders and now bring this for people to constantly attack a base over and over until they perfect it. This is basically modding for FREE. This is going to be abused something stupid believe me, just another way of helping the cheats, CHEAT!!


Very mixed feelings on this. I actually can’t believe they’ve introduced this. This is gonna ultimately dumb down wars. As a war player I don’t like it, Supercell has truly made it even playing field now. But not in the way I would have preferred.


The problem is that some people will copy a layout from the war map. It’s a dangerous move. Even if the clan war participants can’t have it, there will be enough members in the clan with similar bases in order to manage this, let alone alts.

The slow erosion of skill begins here. I am quite concerned, and not sure how they plan on stopping it being abused. I’m all for the feature if it wasn’t going to be open to what xmod appears to do now. It does beg the question as to why they bothered to ban the modders in the first place.

Clash Today Comment: There is a mixed response to this new feature. In general, it appears that the war community are vehemently opposed and the farming community in general support.

There is serious and what appears to be justified concern by many that this new feature will be abused in war. The fear is that enemy clans can copy a base and practice hits on it.

Those worried by this abuse would like to see the feature disabled during war. However with alts, this may not be sufficient. The fear is this might provide an unfair advantage in war and kill off war for many in Clash of Clans.

This is a strange move by Supercell, so soon after their crackdown on modding. One of the main features of modding was allowing practice hits on war bases.

How does the saying go, “if it aint broke, don’t fix it”.