Clash Today can proudly announce the award for May 2016 of best clan, or can we? We actually struggled to define the “best” clan in Clash of Clans. Surely it  shouldn’t be that difficult.

The problem we encountered was, how do you judge the best clan? What criteria should we use? Should we award this title to the clan reaching level 12 level first? Maybe the highest trophy count? Most war wins? Or how about the current war win streak, does that make them the best today?

Highest Achievement Level

The announcement of a new level 12 clan on 14 May, prompted this article. Being first to reach this target is a great achievement by Mahorama (#9VCGJOOL ). But does this make it the best clan?

A closer look at Mahorama, a Chinese clan reveals total wins of 228. A decent amount, but nowhere near the best. A win streak of 54, again very good, but far short of the best.

However, they have a total trophy count of 12,908, which is low, very low for a clan hitting level 12 first. A look at its members reveals a blatantly engineered clan, this clan is deliberately keeping low TH levels, max troops and defenceless bases.

This tactic isn’t against the rules but if we are judging the best clan, the award shouldn’t go to a clan playing the system?


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Most Wins

So, should we judge the best clan as those with the most wins? That sounds logical, but as you just read, engineered clans may distort the picture.

Currently the clan with the most wins is another Chinese clan, #PUGPCP9. They currently have 369 wins.

war wins 150516
Courtesy of Clash of Stats

The pattern is repeated, a closer look at the clan reveals another highly engineered clan.

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Highest Win Streak

Ok, if we are looking for the best clan today, maybe the win streak should be the determining factor. Win steaks is a relatively new stat offered by Supercell, those currently on a 75/76 win streak have a recent unblemished record.

However, 76 wins is not a true reflection of the total win streak as it doesn’t capture wins prior to Supercell agreeing to count and publish the win streak stats.

Clash Today looked at the top two clans, Easyrider a German clan and Persian Kings.

It was pleasing to see that Easyrider are a genuine clan, with regular basis. However, when we researched Persian Kings, we discovered yet another engineered clan.

win steak 1505162
Courtesy of Clash of Stats

As previously stated engineered clans are not against the rules. However many believe it’s against the spirit of the game. This might be true, however many clans use the .5 base in an attempt to generate an advantage in war matchups. Engineered clans is only taking this methodology to the extreme.

Most Trophies

OK, maybe we should use Supercell’s measure of the best clan, those that have the most trophies. There can be no suggestion that these top clans are engineered with defenseless bases. Those at the top are genuine beasts, often with max everything.

A Chinese clan currently perches on top:

top trophes .PNG

However impressive the clan points total is, this is a level 7 clan with only 56 wins and they lost their last war. This is not a war clan, and in fairness they probably don’t purport to be. But should you award the best clan award to a clan that isn’t effective in war?

So, we are left with trying to identify a clan that has a high war win number, current long win steak and a high trophy count and avoiding engineered clans.

We did and award the May 2016 best clan on Clash of Clans Bangkok B @War:

bangkok b

They have an impressive 330 war wins, 58 win streak and sit on over 32,000 trophies.This is a serious war clan!

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