Clash Today is taking a closer look at Clash of Stats, a web app providing Clash of Clans statistics. The developer behind Clash of Stats is Frenchman Adrien Baron a native of Lille. Baron is supported by Richie who helps out with English language related requirements.

Clash of Stats was developed because of Baron’s love of statistics, databases and Clash of Clans, the perfect storm to produce a stats based web application for Clash of Clans.

Do we need more stats?

Clash of Clans is a numbers driven game. Think about the various levels of troops, mines, defences, trophies, leagues, the list is endless. The popularity of Class of Clans is driven by these numbers.

Supercell has been reluctant to part company with this data. Some of it with good reason as it could facilitate in-game spying, other reasons such as privacy is harder to fathom.

We have all been frustrated with the search functionality available within Clash of Clans. To say it’s basic is an understatement. Many clashers are thirsty for more stats, more player comparisons, more clan comparisons, more war data, more functionality, more…, well you get the point.

Why is this data useful, firstly it increases the depth of the game. Supercell takes pride in Clash of Clans being many things to many people. If you are a hard core clasher or a casual player, Clash of Clans can be rewarding an interesting. It can offer the depth of interaction that meets your interest. However, in relation to stats offered in game, Supercell is falling short.

A typical example,  war clans are often selective in choosing new members, but how are they of how able to judge if a new recruit is suitable? Stats can help, it wouldn’t be perfect, but it would add another layer of interaction to the game.

Supercell has an almost endless list of request for change, demanded by a vocal Clash of Clans community. It’s likely that delivering in-game stats isn’t a Supercell priority and probably the driver for Supercell releasing a developers API. By releasing this data the community can help with solutions, Supercell can concentrate in delivering an enhanced in-game experience.

Clash of Stats is born. 

Clash of Stats was born to fill this vacuum, to offer a service to those that want to delve into the numbers. Baron thinks Clash of Stats has become successful because it identified that Supercell was only providing in-game stats focusing on trophies.

Baron believes trophy pushers are in a minority, with most playing to war, farm or enjoy the social aspect of Clash of Clans. Clash of Stats is helping by complimenting the in-game data search with their own added functionality.

Clash of Stats is certainly impressive and offers a simple means to view data unavailable in-game. Clash Today previously reported on its functionality. However, since that report, Clash of Stats have added even more features. Clans are now able to be ranked in global/local by both total war wins and war streaks.

Using this feature you can quickly see how many war wins your clan needs to reach the top 100 in your country. You can now simply identify the best war clans and view their profiles, a feature unavailable in-game. If you are a stats nut, it will keep you amused for hours.

Here are a few of the views for a search on Mathmatica, globally ranked 4.

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What are the main requirement updates being asked of Clash of Stats by the Community?

Baron says that by far the biggest request is to see the war losses and war logs.

Cash of Stats is attempting to resolve this, Baron says they are close to identifying clan war defeats in the past 30 days. These defeats can be clearly identified by 2 day breaks in the graphs produced by Clash of Stats.

clash of stats20

Baron says that many players would also love to see a “player page”, displaying statistics and achievements. Baron promises that a future Clash of Stats release will feature Player Profiles, however the actual content is still dependent on the data release in the official API.

 What about the API, what can we expect in the summer release?

Baron says that Clash of Stats has a close partnership with the official French Clash of Clans forum ( This relationship is proving mutually beneficial. However, other than Supercell’s official communication concerning “bug fixes”, Clash of Stats are totally dependent on the official Supercell API release page. This isn’t conducive to promoting innovation, maybe it’s time for Supercell to trust some developers with Non Disclosure Agreements.

A recent announcement by Anoushka on the Supercell forums is stirring excitement at Clash of Stats. Baron anticipates a huge API release this summer, which he expects will provide war data and logs. “We are all very excited about this announcement and we are already preparing our plans for that release”.

Looking ahead to the summer

In order for Clash of Stats to evolve and innovate, Baron would like to see additional data made available in the Summer API release:

War Data:

  • Wins/Losses/Ties in the search results of API to be able to do daily accurate rankings for 3 million clans with this data.
  • War results with detailed war statistics

Player Profiles

  • API for players providing information about Town Hall, heroes, troops, clan war stars achieved, maximum trophies achieved, whether they are opt-in or opt-out for clan war, Troop Donations, achievements

So, what is on the horizon for Clash of Stats. Baron says that they are close to introducing a clan comparison feature, which will allow users to simultaneously compare data for up to 10 clans. It will also provide historic graphs for these 10 clans simultaneously, providing a visual presentation of progress made in comparison to the other clans.

Baron believes this will be a feature loved by the top clans as they keep an eye on one and other. Clash Today believes it will be of equal benefit for clans with feeders, sister clans or academies.

Clash of Stats is the prefect example of what Supercell envisaged when releasing the API data. Let’s hope that this is the start of the journey, with more data, there will be more innovation, which will enhance the game experience and immerse clashers deeper into the world of Clash of Clans.