Anti Valk bases are in demand because these days those ferocious redheads are so difficult to stop. This guide is aimed at TH11, for TH9/TH10, additional anti Valk base advice can be found in the Tips Series menu tab.

Clash with Ash and Aronos talk Anti Valk bases for TH10 and TH11

The following bases are clashers efforts to build anti Valk bases at TH11. We are tracking down others to add to this thread. Please let us know if you have any favourites.

anti valk th11 3anti valk th11 2

th11 threeth11 two

The following is brought to you by Seananigans xd and shows a Dead Zone Base defending against Queen Walk with Valks.

Clash Layouts

Clash Layouts brings you three anti Valks bases. All three feature walk around bases, two are shared below. A review of these bases reveals that they all rely on Valks being unable to break through or jump to the core early in the raid.

Clash Layouts provide additional screenshots and a video of these base builds. Check out these bases and others in the Clash Layout series.



For more information about these builds and others visit Clash Layouts

The Gap by Gravanoc

This base was developed by Gravanoc.

anti valk th11

There is a YouTube video of this base defending here.

Clash of clans base builder

This base is brought to you by Clash of Clans Builder.

Check here for general advice and tips in countering Valks. This includes tips on Clan Castle troops to use, trap placement and base design.

There are also Anti Valk guides for TH10 and TH9.

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