Finding an anti Valk base remains a challenge. When funnelled correctly stopping the ferocious redheads seems impossible. This guide is an attempt to put together bases that clashers are developing in order to defeat mass Valks.

Clash with Ash and Aronos talk Anti Valk bases for TH10 and TH11

Bases Designed as Anti Valk

TH10 4TH10 3TH10 2th10 1

New TH10 and those slightly rushed

With the Valkyrie remaining overpowered, it may be wise in war to avoid a three star attack, especially for the newer or slightly rushed TH10. The following base was built as an anti 3-star Valk base.


anti valk

This is the base build video:

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Identified by Clash with Ash as solid TH10 for Anti Valk.

th10 one

Check here for general advice and tips in countering Valks. This includes tips on Clan Castle troops to use, trap placement and base design.

There are also Anti Valk guides for TH9 and TH11.

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