Supercell claims the most requested update for Clash of Clans are Quests. We’ve all heard of Clash of Clans Quests, but what are Quests? Read on, we will explain all.

If Supercell introduces Quests, some say, when Supercell introduces Quests, it would be without doubt the biggest change within Clash of Clans since the introduction of Clan War. The unknown is, would it also be a game changer? Would the introduction of Quests propel Clash of Clans to new heights?

A Quest system would bring new activities into the game. At present within Clash of Clans you are able to farm, engage in clan wars or trophy push. Many, especially those not fully engaged in clan wars are craving additional challenges. Their criticism is that farming and trophy pushing has become stale. They lament for Quests.

What are Quests?

Quests are tasks, complete the task to earn a reward. The idea is that every day, one or more new quests will be offered as a challenge. These Quests can be ignored or met.

If you successfully complete a Quest, then rewards in the form of loot will be awarded. The harder the quest, the greater the reward. The more Quests achieved, the more substantial the reward.

Quests could be offered daily, weekly, monthly and during significant holidays.

What benefits would Quests bring to Clash of Clans?

It would introduce more ways to earn resources. The loot available from Quests will be large enough to be tempting, failure to attempt or complete the Quest would mean a missed opportunity and missed revenue.

Quests provide an incentive for casual players to login each day, it will keep them active and provide clearly defined and achievable reward for this activity.

It will add variety in the way the game is played, keeping it fresh and challenging. This enables the retention of long term active players, who are looking for something else to occupy them.

Quests are fun, light hearted challenges.

It adds more depth, which keeps clashers engaged, entertained and spending gems.


What are Supercell considering?

A proposal has been made on the Supercell forums by Mastermind. This proposal is detailed, very detailed and should be read in its entirety if you are hungry to know all about Quests.  Supercell are considering a series of daily, weekly, monthly and holiday Quests.

Included below are examples of the types of Quests proposed, there are many more  described in the recommendation by Mastermind. The ones listed below are to introduce the concept, they are not set in stone and meant to engage debate.

Daily Quests

quests 2
The proposed Daily Quest page

Donation Quests

Good Friend: Donate 45-75 troops (clan size would be a factor in the number).

Wizard Gift: Donate 10-30 Wizards

Attacking Quests

Mobster: Revenge 5-10 bases

Little Dipper: One Star 10-20 enemy player villages

Resource Quests

Gold Rush: Loot 300,000 – 2 million gold

Pink Thief: Loot 300,000 – 2 million elixir

Dark Harvest: Loot 1,000 – 4,000 dark elixir

Troop Quests

Barbarian Mob: Use an army with 75-125 Barbarians or more to 3-Star an enemy village

Detonation: Use an army with 10-25 Wall Breakers or more to 3-Star an enemy village

Cleric: Use an army with 4-8 Healers or more to 3-Star an enemy village

Specific Defence Destroying Quests

Castle: Destroy 4-10 enemy Clan Castles

Safe Skies: Destroy 8-20 enemy Air Defence

Defence Quests

Not My Spell Factory: Do not allow your Spell Factory to be destroyed (in allotted amount of time)

Weekly Quests

These quests would be an extension of the daily quests. Naturally, they would be more challenging due to the time allocated to complete.

Monthly Quests

These would be extensions of the weekly quests.

quests 4
Proposed page dedicated to Monthly Quests

Holiday Quests

These quests would be introduced on special holidays or events, i.e. Halloween.

holiday quests
Proposed Holiday Quest page for Halloween

The reward for completing these Quests would naturally depend on TH level. The rewards for a TH8 is proposed as follows:

Quest rewards

Mastermind proposes Quest Jewels as a reward in his outline. This introduces a new currency into Clash of Clans. Check out Jewels in Mastermind’s proposition and much more background to Clash of Clans Quests here.

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