The mass banning of modders from Clash of Clans seems almost prehistoric now, well it seems a while back. At the time, Xmodgames re-assured their customers that a solution would be found and that they were not abandoning Clash of Clans.

There is only deafening silence originating from Xmodgames, with no official update or statements to be found anywhere.

In this clan war, with the initial mass banning of modders, the first star was clearly won by Supercell. Weeks later, you have to say that a second war star is within Supercell’s grasp.

Clash Today is certain there will be further twists and turns, there is a long way to go before Supercell can deliver the knock out punch and earn the third star for complete destruction.

Until then, we will wait patiently for a comment from Xmodgames.