Supercell are considering introducing a new clan bank to help smaller clans, which struggle with donations at unsociable hours. If this has troubled you in the past, read on.

It is acknowledged that some clans with fewer members have trouble receiving troops in the early hours or very late at night. Many clans are populated with friends and family, these clans are content in maintaining small closed groups, so growing the clan to receive donations isn’t an option for these and many other clans.

Failure to receive clan castle troops for a raid or defence is annoying but not disastrous. However, during clan wars receiving high level troops is sometimes only possible from a few clan members, failure to receive these or any troops, can be the difference between three stars and a clan win or defeat.

The proposal is that troops are donated by clan members to a central clan bank. Members can then open the bank, select and receive troops. The clan bank will contain troops only, there will be no gold, elixir or dark elixir.

The clan bank can be unlocked at a certain clan XP level; the amount the clan bank can hold can increase with higher level perks. The amount that an individual member can donate can be limited or open. If limited, they can again be increased with increased perks.

The Leader/Co-Leaders would have the option to delete unwanted troops sitting in the clan bank.

A poll on Supercell’s forums show that clashers are strongly in favour of this update, with 88% being supportive. You can participate in this poll and leave your comments here.

This solution, seems a perfect fit and will allow for more activity as attacks aren’t postponed due to lack of troops.