Clash Today is taking a look at free web tool, available without registration.  This time we are looking at Cocstats, which provides information on donations and donation ratio for clan members. This is very useful for clan leaders checking up on donations and donation ratios.

Please be aware that appears to be a very different entity to, which is a website linked to a Clash of Clans bot.

Cocstats has a very unfortunate name and might be well advised to change to something more suitable to avoid contamination withClash of Clan bot activity, which as been banned by Supercell.

Cocstats is simple, but offers a very clean user friendly interface and delivers quick, no fuss statistics.

Search screen, this is pretty much the same as the Clash of Clans search


A list of hits is displayed and you then select. Our search was conducted on Kings Rock number 2 in the Global league. This displays the information you would expect in game.



This information can easily be copied into excel or similar programs. The interesting statistics available come in the examination of troops donated within the clan. Various views are presented, all easy on the eye.

The top 10 troop donation page:


Top 10 donation ratio


Probably more of interest to Clan leaders is the Bottom 10 donation ratio


It also summarises who within the clan are donated. Useful information when a clan leader wishes to hit clan members with a big stick.


Give the website a try and bookmark. Hopefully we will see additional features from Cocstats, it’s an impressive start.

For similar offering you can also try