Gems are the lifeblood for Supercell. Quite simply, their business model relies on sufficient players buying gems to increase the speed of upgrading troops, spells, hero regeneration and many other in-game purchases. Those in Clash of Clans that use gems to help speed their progress called Gemmers, they are essential for Supercell’s continued success and essential if Clash of Clans is to remain free to play.

In-game gems are just like gems in real life, very valuable. Gems are earned in-game when completing certain tasks or completing achievements. There are also the odd few who win gems for being top of the global league table at the end of the season. In reality, most gems are bought.

Many clashers can afford to purchase gems either daily, weekly or monthly. The cost of these gems range from $4.99 for 500 gems to $99.99 for 14,000 gems. However, many clasher chose not to purchase gems, either out of principle or because they are unable to afford this luxury.

Free Gems

The offer of “free gems” outside of Clash of Clans is therefore very appealing to a big Clash of Clans audience. We all like freebies, but is anything in life for free?

A quick internet search for “clash of clans free gems” brings up endless offers of free gems. Are these too good to be true? Are these offers accurate, fraudulent or just misleading?

Supercell recently warned the Clash of Clans YouTube community about misleading offers such as “unlimited free gems”, Supercell said these were simply scams and would take protecting the Clash of Clans community seriously.

Supercell says it is concerned of unauthorised gem selling, which exploits private player data and stolen credit cards, certain websites and individuals sell gems for real world money. Supercell further state that these fraudsters request private login data to access your account. While attached to your account, “salespeople” purchase gems using stolen credit cards and/or payment fraud, without worrying about how the consequences may hurt you.

Be warned, buying gems using stolen credit cards could bring on real world pain, the wise would avoid.