Supercell began implementing the Fair Play modding ban over a week ago, to mass clasher celebration. Supercell at the tap of a keyboard once again befriended many of the disillusioned.

The conventional wisdom was that modding only effected war clans. It certainly poisoned war for many, but its darkness spread far and wide.

In war, far too many times during battle day, the groans from an entire clan echoed, then the almost instantaneous sinking feeling as a volley of one barb scouts were dispatched by the lower bases.

Several hours later, having had sufficient “practice” time,  a perfectly executed 3 star attack inflicted the slap in the face. These attacks on the higher level bases were often an unique attacking style, never again to be repeated. Before the third star fell, there was that chorus of “modder”. It wasn’t used affectionately. Decent clans wouldn’t lose all wars, but even so losing the odd one or two, was one too many.

However, modding effected all, not just the war community. A look at xmodgames reveals a full list of features aimed at cheating all clashers. This included a dead base search and loot search. Modders were taking the food from other clashers. They were growing faster by cheating at the expense of all others.

xmod 4
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Now, we all deserve second chances. We all make mistakes that we wish we could correct, Clash Today does not support a permanent ban which is called for by many. However, is a 2-week ban sufficient? Modders have stolen loot from the community, they have inflicted losses on decent war clans. Surely an additional penalty should be imposed.

The solution proposed is for all modders to return to Clash of Clans with their base intact, with all walls modified to level 1. These walls will be a temporary scar and naturally clearly visible the rest of the clash community. A clan can then consider accepting, fully aware of their dark past.

If implemented, this is a financial penalty or compensation, ex-modders will need to work hard to replace those walls, when they succeed in replacing these walls fairly, then their sentence will be served.

lvl-1-walls3 REMOVED
Modder base after Supercell imposed forfeiture

If you are unaware of the features available, here they are:

Mod Features:

1.Sandbox Combo Templates

Used for quick switch between different combos for Sandbox scenarios.

2.Dead Base Search

Used for finding the base that have a great deal of resource in Gold Mine/Elixir Collector/Dark Elixir Collector.

3.Search Loot

Used for finding ideal base for resource raid. The number of Gold/Elixir/Dark Elixir/Town Hall Level/the distance between Town Hall and the edge of map/trophy of enemy can be set in Search Loot.

4.Copy Player’s Layout

Used for collecting other players’ layout. Design for junior players.

5.Sandbox From Replay 

Used for finding strategy to win 3-star Battle War. Enemy Traps can be seen in Replay.

6.Sandbox Attack.

Used for finding strategy to win 3-star Battle War. Your own troops/ your castle troops/ Enemy Castle Troops/Spells can be set in random in Sandbox Attack.

7.Real Time Trap

Used for seeing traps in Real Attack/Battle. 3-Star battle log can be guaranteed.

8.Keep Active

Used for protecting your base from being  attacked by others