Supercell are considering changing the traditional 3 star war victory in Clash of Clans for an enhanced 4 star model.

At present war stars are awarded as follows:

  • 1 Star: 50% – 99% (without TH destruction)
  • 2 Stars: 50% – 99% (with TH destruction)
  • 3 Stars: 100%

The proposal is for:

  • 1 Star: 50% – 74% damage (without TH destruction) / (+1 star for TH destruction)
  • 2 Stars: 75% – 99% damage (without TH destruction)
  • 3 Stars: 75% – 99% damage (with TH destruction)
  • 4 Stars: 100%

At the moment getting three stars on a decent, well protected TH10 by a TH10 is very difficult, even with using the ferocious redheads. We are not talking new or rushed TH10s, who always offer opportunities.

Getting two stars on TH10s on the other hand, although sometimes challenging is generally expected and usually delivered during war. A failure here often means defeat.

Offering a three star hit for 75%, will make TH10’s think more about their defence. You will undoubtedly see the rise of the anti three star base popping up.

In attack it will encourage creative troop combinations, gone will be the days of aiming for the solid two, where a three star attack is obviously out of reach.

This suggestion is being proposed on the Supercell forums and one of the suggestions seriously being considered. Supercell would welcome your feedback on the their forums. 4 Star System for Clan Wars (Increase the game dynamics)

Clash Today supports this proposal and believes it will only improve the war experience at TH10/11.