The BARCH strategy refers to using Barbarian and ARCHers. This guide is predominately aimed at the novice clasher or those yet to try BARCH. At the end of this guide there is an advanced BARCH guide.

Which Town Hall levels should BARCH?

BARCH works at all Town Hall levels. It is particularly useful in attacking low level bases, where stronger troop combinations are unavailable. However, many use BARCH to farm in TH10.


When farming make sure you are in the right trophy range. Avoid too high a league as the targets may be too challenging. Make sure you hit next enough times to find the right base. you are looking for collectors that are full that are located outside the base. Firstly check the loot on offer, then you need to establish where the loot is located. Is it in Storages, collectors or both.

If the storages look empty then check the collectors. Identifying full collectors is harder and needs a little experience. Check them out on various bases. Full collectors will have gold and elixir collecting in the front.

full and empty mines
Full collectors are clearly visible on the left

BARCH is almost exclusively a farming army. It is quick and cheap to build and predominately aimed at raiding collectors outside the walls or those inside but next to the walls and within range of the archers.

Taking a few wall breakers is recommended in case entry to a base is required, you can then also target storages. When inexperienced in using BARCH, this should only be considered on weaker bases.

Using spells should be avoided if you can, although using lightning to take out Mortars can be effective.


Using BARCH in war is not recommended unless you are attacking a Town Hall many levels below you. Please be warned, many clans will boot those using BARCH in war. If you use it, make sure of three stars.

BARCH army combination

All army combinations are a personal preference, it’s an art not science. There is no right or wrong combination, only a way that works for you. If you are new to BARCH, start off using a 60/40 spilt, 60% archers and 40 % barbarians. It’s also recommended taking 4 wall breakers, just in case you need to break into the base. Try this combination and then tweak it to your style.


Try and avoid Mortars they can destroy groups of BARBS in an instant. Consider taking them out with lightning if there is sufficient loot as a reward.

 How to attack using BARCH

Scope the base and then deploy a line of Barbarians followed by a line of archers for each set of collectors. The amount to use will vary, try it and within a hit or two you’ll figure it out. When you first try it, don’t use too many on the first set of collectors and run out of troops!

Use wall breakers and spells only when really necessary. If you are new at BARCH, it’s probably wise to ignore using until comfortable with attacking collectors on the outside. Wall breakers and spells can then be used to enter a base and raid the storages. Advice, until you master BARCH, pick on the weak.

The following are examples brought together from youtubers.

Guide to BARCH at TH6 and earlier, created by Velocity Plays

 A beginner’s guide to BARCH using TH7 army by Real Clash of Clans

 A guide to BARCH at TH8 by MMOKoz

Advanced BARCH guide

The following is a BARCH guide at TH9 by Clash of Clans with Dr. David

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There is a guide for advanced BARCH users in TH10 produced by Chief Pat