It is rumoured that Supercell are considering introducing tournaments to Clash of Clans. This would be a huge update and could change how many play the game. At present there are those that enjoy war, farmers and trophy pushers. It is likely that measuring how your clan does against many other clans of a similar level would appeal to many. The spoils and glory going to the victor.

Supercell on their forums acknowledge that they are considering Clan War Tournaments, which would represent a battle between 16 different clans, all fighting at once for the gold and first place. A thread has been dedicated to this idea on the Supercell forums. There 74% of respondents thought the idea “rocks”, with a further 19% supporting with some tweaks to the original suggestion.

In addition, it is possible that Supercell were socialising the idea of tournaments during Clash Con in October 2015, where they held a live tournament on developers laptops.

Then there is the Clash Royale Tournaments…

Supercell have captured  a huge mobile apps games market. They are surely aware that this could easily fade away. They will be eager to refresh their offering and keep interest high, meaning clashers continuing to buy gems. The introduction of Clan Tournaments seems to fit the bill.