Clash Today is taking a look at Clash.Tools, which is a free service that can help manage Clan Wars.

Clash.Tools says it has 4,709 clans registered and almost 45,000 members. It describes itself as the easiest and most efficient way to manage clan wars in Clash of Clans.

Take a look at the Clash.Tools promo.

The following is a sample of comments from the Clash.Tools FAQ

What is is a web application built from the ground up to take the best features of other tools such as Clash Caller and Clash of Clans War Planner and combine them to create an elegant, fluid experience for managing clan wars.

Who is it for? is for competitive war clans. It allows clan leaders to manage wars with a variety of flexible options. It also manages historical results providing a way to evaluate and improve members over time.

Who is it not for?

Casual war clans who aren’t worried about security. For example, Clash Caller is great for casual war clans due to its simplicity – but it’s open nature means anyone can do anything, and there’s no way to know who did what. This presents a significant problem when a less-than-trustworthy member decides to change all of your names and assignments for fun.

If your clan is opposed to creating member accounts to help manage wars and track statistics over time securely, is not for you.

Why do you need my email address?

As with most hosted apps, your email address is used to keep track of your member account. In game names can be duplicated, and member tags are sometimes mis-read or mis-typed.

It also provides me a way to send new product feature announcements and in-app messages to you when appropriate.

Does everyone in my clan need a account?

Although we don’t require all clan members to have a account, it is strongly recommended.

Does it cost me anything?

Nope, is free for you and your clan to use.