It has now been 2 months since Supercell released the Clash of Clans Game API. The API provides near real-time access to game related data. The API is still in beta with the Clash of Clans community continuing to innovate content.

In order to access the API, you need a developer account and a key for your application. A number of websites have sprung up that are already providing data and functionality unavailable in game. Hopefully Supercell are witnessing these improvements and will continue to release further data and allow these sites to flourish.

An example of what can be achieved is Clash of Stats, which currently collects data for over 11,000 clans, 305,000 players and ranks 2.6 million clans. Clash of Stats simply and modestly states it is providing “Free Live and Historical Statistics for Clash of Clans”.

If you like to read more about the features of the site and upcoming releases, read on.

Clan Of Stats offers:

  • Discover the increase/decrease of trophies and members in your clan for the last season, last 7 days, last 30 days or all time
  • Disocver how many wars your clan or your opponent clan has won in the past days, weeks or even longer
  • Identify the winning streak and frequency of clans which are warring every day
  • Integrate your clan statistics to your own clan homepage using iframe options

Player Stats and History

  • Observe the development of trophies of any clan member during the past days and months
  • View troop donations and troop receipts of single members or all clan members during the past days and months
  • Displays graphs which players are the most active donotors inside the clan


Live Search for clans by name, by id, or by any attribute without knowing any name. For example, using one search, search for level 8 clans in your own country and sort the results by any attribute, i.e. war wins or members.  Just one click to identify which are the most active and most succesful clans in your country


  • View global & local players rankings
  • View clan rankings by trophies
  • View global and local rankings of players and clans at the same time in every ranking


War Wins Rankings

  • War win rankings by country and globally
  • War win streak by country and globally

These rankings are supplied and updated automatically.

Clash of Stats have provided a snaeak peak on future developments. This includes the following:


Clash of Nations

Clash of stats intends providing nation rankings involving the top 30 clans of each nation.

Find out which nation will be on the top of the rankings when Clash of Stats counts the top30 clans together of each country. This ranking will show up not a single clan, but a battle between teams of 30 clans of each nations. So, the trophies of maximum 1500 players of each single country will count for this ranking.

Clash of Nations will not only show trophy ranks, but also war win rankings.

Check out and explore Clash of Stats.